10 great scrubs for your body

Body skin care is as important a part of caring for oneself as face and hand skin care. Body scrub is a great helper in this difficult task, because with its special structure you can achieve a smooth, beautiful and pleasant to the touch skin.

In fact, the exfoliation procedure is an opportunity to thoroughly cleanse your body of unwanted dead skin particles. After such exfoliation, it begins to “breathe” better, soak up the cream and masks, takes on a beautiful and healthy look.

To date, there are a huge variety of different scrubs, each of which has its own characteristics, has certain properties, and also, to a greater extent, fits a certain skin type. From such a stormy variety, we decided to choose the top 10 of the best and most effective scrubs that can really please you with their tangible positive action.

  1. "Tonic" from "Clarins". In general, the Clarins brand products have long won high marks of popularity from the fair sex, because these are really high-quality, though not budget products.Here you can even find good scrubs for those who have sensitive and prone to irritation skin. Specifically, "Tonic" is an excellent cleansing and nourishing agent based on shea butter, hazelnut, peppermint, geranium oil and scrubbing particles in the form of crystals of sea salt.
  2. "Soins Essentiels Gentle Purifying Scrub" from "Avene". A gentle cleansing scrub that can be used, both for the face and for the whole body, delicately cleanses and smooths the surface of the skin. The noticeable effect becomes noticeable after the first application.
  3. "Body scrub Rice Milk-Vanilla" from "Greenlland". Another stunning brand from Holland, which is becoming more accessible in our region. In a stylish metal jar, you will find a mild milk-based scrub, which is ideal even for the most sensitive and dry skin.
  4. "Precious beauty scrub" from "Garnier". It is relatively inexpensive and, importantly, an effective remedy for the well-known French brand, which not only relieves dead skin cells, but also perfectly strengthens its protective functions, giving elasticity and preventing the feeling of tightness. It operates on the basis of four oils - almonds, argan, rose and macadamia.
  5. Forest Strawberry by Yves Rocher. A fragrant exfoliant for the body from another famous French brand boasts a unique and rich composition (seeds of forest strawberries, wild strawberry extracts, sweet caramel almond oils, etc.), as well as a powerful action: after the first applications the skin surface is visibly cleared and acquires an incredible tenderness.
  6. Cabernet by Caudalie. If your main problem is the lack of elasticity of problem areas, then use this product, made on the basis of 6 essential oils, as well as crushed grape seeds. "Cabernet" effectively fights against cellulite, so in the process of drawing special attention is paid to the zone of buttocks, hips and abdomen. The enhanced effect can be obtained if the scrub is combined with a shower gel from the same line.
  7. "Exfoliating scrub" from "ORLY". Cosmetic brand ORLY specially for skin care of the body and hands has released a whole series of "Rich Renewal", which not only cleans the skin, but also slows down its aging, protects against various negative factors. In total there are 4 types of scrubs, each of which differs only in flavor, which in no way affects their high efficiency.
  8. "Aromacology" from "L'Occitane". The bright and vigorous aroma of the scrub remarkably improves the mood and makes its use doubly enjoyable, and the complex ethereal composition speaks of its undoubted quality and benefits. Perhaps the only negative means - only its packaging - only 200 g of pleasure.
  9. "Lady Scrub" from "Lush". Another effective remedy that cleanses the skin, and is also an excellent fighter against cellulite and stretch marks on the skin. It must be mixed with warm water and massage movements applied to problem areas of the body.
  10. "Thalasso" from "Geomar". It is called a real sea treasure for the health and beauty of the skin. It consists of oligoelements of the Dead Sea, almond extracts, orange and mandarin oil, wheat germ, as well as exfoliating particles of sea salt. Thalasso is an excellent tool for cleansing, toning, nourishing and relaxing your skin.
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