10 most unusual restaurants in the world

Try seafood in the grotto of the Palazzo, the most famous of the natural caves; make sure that the rogue giraffe does not pull the last croissant for breakfast off the plate; drink a cocktail, admiring the northern lights; dine at a depth of 5 meters under water, watching the fish swimming past, or right at the foot of the waterfall, dangling their legs in the water for a meal. Or maybe drink coffee according to the recipe of the 60s in the interiors of the industrial revolution or something more than feverish in the ice bar, sitting on a chair covered with reindeer skin? Or feel like a guest in the den of the Predator and the Alien, counting the bones from which the ceilings and walls of the restaurant are constructed while the waiter fulfills the order, or maybe have breakfast right in the water in one of the beach coffee shops in Bora Bora?

Choose what you like best: in front of you 10 of the most unusual restaurants in the world. The only thing to make sure is to reserve a table in advance.