16 photos of animals that are crazy about autumn

Happinnes exists! And these pets exactly prove it.

For many centuries in a row, autumn has been the favorite season of all creative people — poets and artists, musicians and photographers. And we, not possessing outstanding talents, often admire the falling leaves and the yellow-orange palette of streets and parks. And our pets, as if feeling our mood, are also pleased with such updates. In addition, they have more entertainment than in the summer.

Dogs from small to large, for example, are happy to play with foliage. And if a light fresh wind helps them in this, then it is even better (see photo below).

Photo: Getty Images

And cats, like dreamers, love to climb trees and watch how leaves fall from branches ... By the way, this phenomenon is truly fascinating and impressive.

Photo: Getty Images

It happens that cats with red color, going for a walk, become invisible. And all because the pets are so able to merge with the colors of nature, that finding them becomes a real quest for the owners.But what frames can get!

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See in our gallery below another 13 cozy and funny frames of pets in the autumn period of the year. We were especially touched by a dog that helps its owners to collect herbarium, and a cat, covered with foliage, like a blanket.

And how do you like a dog with a wreath of autumn leaves on your head? It looks very funny and touching at the same time. Also it is impossible not to note the pictures in which pets play in the field or forest with small children. At this point, you realize that every child needs a dog or a cat.

In general, the autumn period is best used for professional photo shoots. Including with animals. The main thing - to choose a beautiful location and the correct shades of clothing.