16 tricks to help turn baking into a culinary masterpiece

In each hostess, the desire to please their loved ones with gentle and airy baking wakes up periodically. If you think that only advanced chefs can make cool pies and crispy cookies, then you are greatly mistaken. Knowing a few tricks, even a beginner will cope with delicate buns and fragrant cake.

Zebra Cake

It seems that it is very hard to make such a cake, but it is not. The whole secret is that you need to divide the dough into 2 parts and add melted chocolate to 1 half. Grease the form with butter and pour in the dough, alternating layers.

Mini pizza

Sometimes you want to please yourself and the whole family with delicious pizza, but there is no mood to mess around with dough at all. In this case, you can roll out the dough in the form of a rectangle, brush with tomato paste, put chopped sausage and grated cheese on top. Pizza roll into a roll, cut into pieces and send in the oven.