30 stars showed what their belly looked like right after giving birth

And not all of them look perfect.

Hot disputes flared up the other day: supermodel Candice Swanepoel paparazzi caught in a bikini on the beach literally two weeks after the birth. Of course, the figure of the girl was far from ideal: eye-catching tummy and stretch marks. But all would be nothing if the supermodel, these pictures are not so touched.

Candace immediately began to respond to the offenders in her Instagram and post other photos in a bathing suit, proving that she was very personal. But attentive users noticed that these shots were still from the “pre-pregnancy” photoset, and the faded discussions were resumed again.

Although Sveynpol absolutely nothing to be shy. Not only is this a simple physiology, which every young mommy faces, it is also a reason for pride. At least, for many stars who are not shy about exposing their pictures in the first weeks (or even days and even hours) after the birth of their baby.

Hilaria Baldwin
Hilaria Baldwin, day after birth
Photo: @hilariabaldwin
Georgina Rodriguez
Georgina Rodriguez, the week after giving birth
Photo: @georginagio

For example, Alec Baldwin’s 34-year-old wifeHilariarecently became a mother for the fourth time. Not everyone will risk showing their body after childbirth, but for Hilaria this is already a tradition. Each time she is photographed in a hospital ward in underwear 24 hours after delivery. And it looks great!

True, few stars solve this. Although, for example, the notorious participant of the reality show "House-2"Olga Rapunzelalso put up a photo with a newborn daughter just a day after the baby was born. However, Olga while posing in a bathrobe, but her belly is clearly visible.

Cristiano Ronaldo girlfriend spanish modelGeorgina Rodriguezdecided to appear in front of the camera only a week after discharge from the hospital. Yes, the girl clearly recovered, and her figure was difficult to call chiseled. But how much happiness on her face!

Kylie jenner
Kylie Jenner, a month after giving birth
Photo: @kyliejenner
Casey batchelor
Casey Batchelor, a month after giving birth
Photo: Legion-media.ru

However, who, if not the model, knows how to quickly get in shape.Kylie jennerandAbby clancyless than a month after birth showed a flat stomach to everyone.Although, for example, the former model (and now TV presenter)Casey batcheloreven after a month, she looked not the best way: the folds on her waist did not disappear anywhere.

And some stars, it seems, directly from the hospital go on the red carpet. One month after dischargeIrina Shaykalready shone in an evening dress at a film festival, and the small, hardly noticeable tummy did not spoil her at all. ANatalya Vodyanovaand in general took part in the shooting a week after the birth of the youngest son. And it looked just like a reed!

Irina Shayk
Irina Shayk, two months after delivery
Photo: Getty Images
Natalya Vodyanova
Natalya Vodianova, the week after delivery
Photo: @natasupernova

Although many get in shape can be very hard.Rita dakotaurged her subscribers not to believe in photoshopped shots in which young moms seem super-structured. She admitted that she wore a special corset.Jessica AlbaShe told me that almost every day she worked with a trainer who came to her house to return her body. Yes, and singerPinkalso disappeared in the gym all day, but was never able to get rid of the pounds stuck in the pregnancy.

Photos of these and other stars who showed their body soon after the birth, see our photo gallery.