30 super ideas how to make your bedding creative

Gone are the days when bedding was treated, first of all, as a hygiene item, now the design of bed linen became the determining factor of choice. Classic white bedding looks elegant and blends in harmoniously with the interior. But it is worth noting that in our time a white bed seems boring and too conservative, or it is associated with hospital wards. Diversity lovers choose multicolored bedding with patterns - floral or ethnic motifs, a simple geometric pattern. Dark or saturated colors, large geometric shapes, asymmetric images often attract the attention of men. However, even these options for bed linen can already be called traditional.

It became popular to use unusual bed linens with a funny funny drawing and funny inscriptions.Designers and global manufacturers offer limited series of bedding, the design of which can be defined asstrange, brave, creepy, unusual, extravagant, avant-garde, in general, far from the generally accepted norms and standards.

Are you a creative person, not afraid of experiments, like to shock others, or are you looking for an original gift for the newlyweds? We offer a look at some interesting models of bed linen.

Design bedding for a couple

A bed for lovers or couples should not just be standard or romantic. Add to your family life cheerful mood, bright emotions and positive. Creative design of bed linen will only help in this.

Comic bedding set demonstrates the possible distribution of space on the bed between the spouses.

Her side | His side

This design is specially designed for the wedding day of Prince William and Kate Middleton. By the way, many companies offer photo printing services on fabrics. Therefore, you can order for yourself or as a gift an original kit with any photos.

Food theme in bedding design

As a rule, in the subject of food in the design of bedding is used extremely rarely, which is not surprising. It is strange to sleep in bed with a realistic image of a pizza or a can of sprats. Although surely such bedding will find loyal fans.

Do not fall face in a salad? With these pillows - it is possible and even necessary!

Interesting design of pillowcases and pillows

To raise your spirits, make you smile, and creatively decorate the bed can be pillowcases with funny pictures. Especially harmoniously, these pillow cases look with white linens, cardinally changing the stylistics with a strict classical for the youth and the avant-garde.
Magazine Cover Pillowcase pillowcases will help to become the “face of the cover” of fashion magazines - Time, Playboy, Esguire and Vogue. Pillows in exactly the same design of the covers, fonts, color, style and layout of the headlines, lacking only one thing - a photo of the hero, who the sleeper will become.

What do you dream? The idream series pillowcases offer caricatures of what a sleeper dreams about.

Original baby bedding

For children, the design of bed linen is perhaps even more important than for adults.An interesting picture of the bed can be decisive in the matter of relocating the child to his own room and bed, and also facilitate the task of daily laying. Children's bed linen of the Dutch firm Snurk offers the boys to feel like astronauts, firefighters, and girls - princesses and dancers.