5 things in the wardrobe, for which you will be ashamed

If you have at least one of these things in your wardrobe, it's time to sound the alarm! Just a little bit - and you are a victim of a fashionable failure.

Grid.Transparent blouses and dresses in small or large mesh look vulgar and tasteless. In this case, the presence or absence of underwear does not matter. Openwork blouses have long ceased to be included in the category of fashionable mast-heve, and even if they were included, they definitely would not have added beauty to their hostess!

Top bando.Someone such a wardrobe item might seem sexy, but not to those who claim to be the icon of style. At the young lover of discos, such a top might have looked appropriate, but for 25 women she definitely would not be in the face.

Photo: Getty Images

Shiny fabric.Delicate satin material looks “rich” and elegant only if it is made in neutral or pastel colors. It is worth getting rid of the “acidic” dresses and tops immediately!

Low rise jeans.You need to really try to find jeans with low waist in the assortment of stores: almost all brands have long relied on jeans, boyfriends and "moms". If your eyes still fell on a low-slung model, immediately rush to hell! This model of pants is not able to decorate even women with a model figure.

Sport suit.Sporty pants with heels and an oversize shirt look great. Exactly as hoody in combination with skinny trousers and sneakers. But in a single set of sports top and bottom is better not to wear - it looks cheap and not at all angry.