8 plants that will save your home from spiders and other pests

In the summer, I want to open all windows and doors wide open and let a cool breeze into the house. But besides the coolness and aromas of flowers, uninvited guests visit the house - various beetles, midges and spiders. Flies and mosquitoes do not allow to sleep well at night, and during the day they threaten fresh vegetables and fruits left on the table. Spiders are terrifying to both children and adults. Shops offer a large number of chemical repellents that promise to cope with insects. But not everyone wants to spray these products in the nursery or in the kitchen where food is stored.

There is an exit! Just bring some plants and insects into your home to leave your home. At the same time you can rid the house of pests, decorate it and give the air the scent of a summer garden. And some even become excellent seasonings for your favorite dishes. Here is a list of plants that should be kept in the house so that insects stay away from you.


Who said that fighting insects is possible only with the help of the sharp odors of toxic chemicals? Nature came up with a much more pleasant way. The pleasant aroma of lavender will scare away moths, fleas, flies and mosquitoes. This option simply has no flaws! No wonder about this plant lay down the songs ...


To man, the smell of mint seems pleasant and refreshing. But insects just hate him! It is best to plant mint in separate pots that can be placed throughout the house and garden. But if you plant the plant directly into the ground - it can capture the whole garden!


It is this plant that is used to make natural citrus candles that repel mosquitoes. Its leaves emit the strongest aroma capable of scaring off various insects. Plant several bushes of this plant near the porch or gazebo, and you do not have to take care of repellents for many years.



From a distance, this plant resembles lavender, but its smell is even stronger. Tall shrubs with small purple flowers = just a nightmare for most insects! The flower beds of the multi-grid around the house will reliably protect your home from uninvited guests.


Pots with this plant are very convenient to keep in the kitchen.After all, a fresh leaf of basil will be a great addition to any summer salad, pizza and spaghetti. And you can add basil to tea. And thanks to the essential oils that are part of the plant, it will protect the kitchen from the annoying midges and beetles.


In Italian cuisine, no hostess can do without this seasoning. In addition to hot, it is customary to use when preparing cocktails. A pot of rosemary in the kitchen will be an excellent natural repellent.


This plant combines the smell of mint and citrus. Like mint, it can become a real weed - it is better to drop it into separate pots or boxes. This plant repels insects in the garden, and is very good in the kitchen as herbal tea.


A great decoration for the garden and thunderstorm moshkare. It is from this plant that natural repellents are often made. A pot with marigolds can be put in the house, or kept in the garden.