8 things that single women should not be ashamed of

Worst of all in this dictatorial atmosphere, perhaps, single women feel. For some reason, they still, in our time of endless pleasures and entertainment, are trying hard to get married, “wipe out” and close at home with hourly breastfeeding, a steam cooker, and Pilates video instructions. To keep the defense against these attacks is not easy, but it is extremely important, including for your own mental health. If someone tries to embarrass you, do not give in to provocations and learn to put yourself above someone else's critical opinion. And here is a list of things for which you - alone and happy - should never be ashamed.

Not to have children after 30 years of age

If the process of raising a healthy new person would be so easy and burdensome, then each of us would have a dozen children and as many more in distant care. But after all, these people who are closely watching your biological clock, believe that "God gave a hare, will give the lawn" will certainly happen to everyone, although the "lawns" of these are limited.

Spend a lot on self care

It is your money, which means it’s up to you where to invest it and what to put in in record time. If the critic does not let up, say that it is money saved on pampers and wheelchairs that you spent on a box of Pinot Gridgio, a tour to Greece and a hot stone massage course.

8 things that single women should not be ashamed of

Be too picky

For some reason, it is customary to demonize demanding and whimsical women in relations, whereas in fact it’s better to condemn unpretentious and illegible ones at least for the fact that they often under the banner “I am a wife!” Justify the most disgusting male attitude to themselves.

Not have a perfect figure

In fact, no one has it, well, except for only photo-shooted models on the pages of magazines. Everyone has long had his ideal figure, which is to find a profitable compromise with your body: you care about it, and it gives you strength to enjoy life.

Do not get married and do not even want it

The fact that every second marriage ends in divorce clearly demonstrates that after the wedding bells endless euphoria does not descend on anyone from heaven.But on the other hand, during the organization of the wedding, there are insane expenses, nervous breakdowns and legal fights.

 8 things that single women should not be ashamed of

Do not live like our parents

Conflict of generations existed at all times, and even ancient philosophers in Greece complained that the youth was destroying all moral norms. A couple of millennia later, everything is as before, and parents are still hard to understand why you do not exist according to their life scenario, because they grew up at a different time and were brought up differently.

Head over to work

It is strange that the aggravated careerism in the 21st century is still criticized by someone, especially considering the economic situation in our country and the bleak retirement prospects. But if you are persistently told that workaholism interferes with your personal life, then argue such attacks with a lack of logic and explain your desire to set priorities wisely.

Live for yourself

And for whom, I'm sorry, still live, if such a wonderful option is given to all of us just once? Remember that critics who cannot forgive you, that you do not sacrifice everything for the sake of another, are in fact envious of you in your soul. After all, life without suffering and self-denial is not such a bad thing in fact!

8 things that single women should not be ashamed of