A few simple tricks and small pieces of cloth and you have a great thing for your home interior.

You can make a beautiful napkin from the smallest shreds of fabric left after sewing large items. Now if you still have a shred of beautiful colors, you can use it. All you need is a few simple tricks that a novice master can handle.

You can restrict one napkin, or tie in this way several identical squares, connecting them together with usual loops in a rug or tablecloth.

Choose a cloth first. The thickness of the thread and the hook is selected in accordance with its thickness. It is easier and faster to work with thick fabric and threads. But if you are not afraid of long and difficult work, you can take a fine hook and thin threads.

To begin, measure the rectangle of the desired size.If you are going to make a canvas of many parts, it is better to work with even squares.

First you need to take a needle and handle fabric stitches located at the same distance from each other. The seam must imitate overlock. After that, insert the hook into the seam on the napkin and form the first air loop.

We leave the first loop on the hook and insert it into the second loop of the seam. We knit together two loops on the hook, forming one. We continue to tie in this way the entire napkin to the corner. In the area of ​​the corner, several air loops need to be added.

Tie the entire napkin and connect the first level of loops.

Connect the loop and go to the second level.

To do this, we form 4 air loops, then we make two nakida on the hook and knit the loops together.

Enter the hook into the loop on the napkin and again draw the four air loops. You need to make a few sticks, and then knit a loop on a hook with a loop on a napkin.

It turns out a kind of petal. We knit a napkin with such petals to the corner.

At the corner, the number of sticks to increase.

After knitting a napkin in a circle, we join the petal and knit it with simple loops along the edge of the petal, rising to its top.

Now you need to connect jumpers from the air loops, which will unite the tops of the petals. The number of loops in each jumper should be equal, except for those that connect the petals, which are located at the corners, with adjacent ones.

Having tied this level, we loop the edges of the napkin.

Pull the thread and fix the knot. Napkin ready. You can iron it to knit looked more neat. If you need to make a tablecloth or a large napkin, we combine several squares with a needle or a hook.