A gift to the tourist for hiking

What to give to a friend, a lover of hiking, a noble tourist? Choose between a knife, a thermos or something else that you need?
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Ask a friend what he wants. What to guess. Gifts in this direction can come up with a bunch. Here, too, are good gifts � solar batteries, batteries, another flashlight, binoculars.
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If you know that you need a good knife, then I advise you to give a multitool. This is the same knife, but it has a huge number of functions. With the multitool, you can not only put up a tent, but also build a house, as there will always be a screwdriver, a scraper, a knife, a corkscrew, an awl, a saw, and a lot of everything on hand). Look online stores where you can buy a multitool, here, for example, there is a choice.
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Multitul take note) I'll have to give dad, I have it a notable fisherman. Thank you, Roman, I did not even know that such a device exists in nature!
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Natalia Kozachok
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I would not advise giving a knife, it is considered a bad omen to give piercing-cutting objects, to a quarrel. You can still give a good roomy backpack, with many compartments.