Advantages and disadvantages of the narcotic nails

Sprouted marigolds can be seen in the hands of every third woman. Despite the fact that some fashion critics everywhere shout that such a manicure has long been irrelevant and “wear” their sign of bad taste, nevertheless, the turn of nail specialists is not reduced.

There is a lot of controversy about the benefits and harms of such nails. Let's find out the whole truth about the increased nails.


1.It is beautiful. Good manicurists can create real masterpieces on their nails. Depending on how much money you are willing to spend, the final result will depend. For nail design, craftsmen use a variety of paints, stones, fabrics, foil, glitter and more. You are unlikely to succeed in getting beautiful drawings on your nails.

2. No daily care required. You no longer need to buy lacquer and worry about the fact that he pulls off at the most inopportune moment. The degraded version can maintain a flawless appearance for a long time.

3. In some people, the nails are simply in a terrible state: exfoliated, constantly breaking. You will forget about it. Just remember that in this way you will only mask the problem, the poor condition of the nails indicates problems in the body, pay attention to it.

4. You can choose the length and shape. Native nails can grow back very long, and then one visit to a specialist and your nails have long been dreamed of.

5. They attract attention. If it is important for you to always be in the spotlight, the original marigold will help you with this.


  • You will have to pay. The cost for such a service depends on the design you want to get in the end, a specialist, a salon and many other factors. Stirring marigold be ready to allocate to them every month a certain amount.
  • Non-professional master. This person can turn your nails into a nightmare that will be embarrassing to show people. If you do not like the work, you have the right to complain about it.
  • The extension procedure is a very long process. Be prepared to spend from 2 to 5 hours.
  • May interfere. Many girls make their nails very long.They look normal, but they bring a lot of inconvenience. Typing on a computer is inconvenient; with them you will tear nylon panty hoses five times more often; it is simply dangerous to cook, and especially to cut something with extended nails.
  • From contact with fire nails quickly melt. You can say instantly. And if the native nail can be slightly trimmed and sharpened with a nail file, then in the case of a larger version you will have to go for a correction.
  • Can spoil the native nails. Many masters of manicure argue that this is a myth. But, after all, "artificial" nails are composed of their chemistry, how to know how they affect the structure of native nails.
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