African fashion: headgear of the African continent

The ethnic diversity of the African continent is manifested in everything: in architecture, clothing, customs and traditions. African women’s hats are striking with the inconceivability of shapes and sizes, brightness and variegation of colors. The head is decorated with narrow bandages of several threads or wrapped with pieces of fabric of a meter length. It all depends on who, where and for what reason wears a headdress.

Traditional hats of African women gradually penetrate the fashion world. And now they can be seen not only in the outback of the Black Continent, but also on the catwalks, covers of glossy magazines.


African style



Fashionable style


ethno style


African hair wrap ..

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African beauty



Adorned girl from Hamar tribe, Ethiopia.

Rendille, Kenya, Eric Lafforgue

Beautiful African.

Omo people of Southern Ethiopia

Africa | Omo Valley, Ethiopia

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