Agriculture as the basis of the agricultural sector

Value of agriculture

Agriculture is the way of life of the majority of the population. Its main function is food production. Since no one can live without food, this industry is developing very successfully, making it the basis of the agrarian region.
A significant part of agricultural products goes to consumers after being subjected to industrial processing. Agriculture is a source of raw materials, both for food and for light industry. The agrarian region is also developing due to the emergence of new areas of consumption of agricultural goods. This is especially true of products that are rich in carbohydrates. With its help, ethanol is produced, which is associated with an increase in the octane number of gasoline.
Modern agriculture is widely interconnected with other industrial sectors, so it can be said with confidence that the agrarian region is based on successful farming.

Features of the development of agriculture

The success of agricultural development largely depends on scientific and technological progress. The process of industrialization of agriculture includes several stages, each of which is based on new technologies, which not only facilitate the work of people, but also increase production.
Great impact on the entire agricultural area, as well as on agriculture, has a natural factor, which includes land resources, soil fertility and agro-climatic resources. Natural conditions form not only agricultural areas, but also the main trade flows of goods.

Types of agricultural production

There are two main types of agricultural production that determine the prosperity of the agrarian region. The first type is typical for developing countries. It is inherent in the diversity of economic structures. Widespread in such countries has received both subsistence and semi-natural farming, which is focused on meeting the needs of the population. However, a highly specialized market economy is also developing, the goods of which enter the world markets.
The second type is typical for economically developed countries.It is based on a high level of intensification of production, its chemicalization and mechanization, as well as on the application of modern technologies of cattle breeding and agriculture. Thus, we can conclude that the agrarian region provides a decent standard of living in all countries in various ways, which are based on successful farming.