All can kings! The most famous polygamists in history

They could not afford to marry any beauty. But one was never enough. The second was followed by the third, fourth, and the harems and royal chambers were replenished with new queens and queens.

Probably, every girl dreamed of meeting the Prince and marrying him. But, unfortunately, reality was not a fairy tale for all the wives of kings.

Hamad ibn Isa Al Khalifa, King of Bahrain

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Number of wives: 4

While the three wives of Hamad enjoy the status of a royal housewife, the first and most beloved wife of the king - Sabika bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa - has found her place in politics. She is the patroness of the Society of Women and Children and holds the position of High Council for Women’s Affairs in Bahrain. The queen leads a very active political life, fights for the empowerment of women, helps charitable foundations and, of course, accompanies her spouse at all official events.In addition, it is the son of Sabika claims to be king.

Abdullah Ibn Abdul-Aziz Ibn Abdurrahman Al Saud, King of Saudi Arabia

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Number of wives: 30

Once one of the richest people in the world - his fortune is estimated at nearly $ 20 billion!

In the entire history of the government, Abdullah introduced several decrees that forever changed the life of Saudi Arabia. At first, he banned all members of the royal family - and there were, for a minute, about 7,000! - use the state treasury. Discouraged and deprived of such privileges, princes and princesses did not dare to express their discontent. Then the king abolished the obsequious way to greet the monarch: he replaced the rocking of the royal hand with an ordinary handshake. All these were trifles, and great changes were waiting ahead. Abdullah signed a state scholarship program that allowed young students to get an education outside of Saudi Arabia. And for the first time in 2005, a woman headed a higher education institution. Princess Jauhara bint Fahd bin Mohammed bin Abdel Rahman Al Saud became the Rector of the Women's University of Riyadh.And in 2009, women could apply for high positions in the political sphere.

Although Abdullah was married 30 times, he followed Sharia law. According to Islamic traditions in the house can be no more than four wives. Therefore, the king had to divorce as often as to marry. In marriages the king had 35 children! The king died at the age of 90 from pneumonia.

Jigme Singje Wangchuk, King of Bhutan

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Number of wives: 4

Jigme does not lead a royal life: he lives a quiet measured life, preferring the usual modest wooden house. The luxury of palaces and the brilliance of domes is not to his liking. He has four wives - and they are sisters! The royal family brings up five sons and five daughters. Here is such a happy big Bhutanese family!

Mswati III, King of Swaziland

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Number of wives: 15

Despite the loving and impressive harem of wives, Mswati advocates for chastity and even introduced a law prohibiting girls to have sex until the age of 21! Violators waiting for a large by the standards of Swaziland fine - a whole cow! Therefore, the parents of young ladies carefully protect the honor and reputation of their daughters, driving away the stubborn fans and forbidding girls to go on dates.It's funny, but when Mswati himself took a minor maiden as his wife, as a law-abiding citizen, he paid a fine to the country's treasury. Yes, it is a cow! The population of the kingdom twisted his finger at his temple, and the law, to the joy of the girls, was abolished altogether.

The 49-year-old king himself was also famous for the abduction of the tenth wife. This fact caused a lot of noise in the press, but soon the matter was hushed up. But the harem for one wife has become more.

By the way, the people are extremely dissatisfied with the polygamy of their monarch. After all, he spends most of the treasury on the well-being of his beloved little women and 25 children!

Sobuza II, King of Swaziland

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Number of wives: 70

Mswati is still very far from his predecessor! Firstly, Sobuz was declared king at the age of four months. Therefore, we can say that he sits on the royal throne from the cradle! Secondly, Sobuza became the oldest monarch in the history of Swaziland: he reigned all his life to death in 83 years. The habit of marrying did not interfere with his rule. Record numbers just scare! 70 wives, 210 children, more than a thousand grandchildren!

Jacob Gedleyichlekis Zuma, President of South Africa

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Number of wives: 6

The son of a policeman and housemaid did not receive even a simple school education! But this did not prevent him from being elected by the people in 2009 for the presidency of the country.

Jacob Zuma is a native of the Zulus tribe, in which polygamy is the norm and even tradition. The president has six wives: for the first time he married Gertrude Sisakele Hualo in 1973, followed by marriages with Kate Zuma, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, Nompumelo Ntuli, Tobeka Madiba, and the last time Jacob went down the aisle in 2012 with Gloria Bongi Nguema. By the way, Jacob is still divorced from one of his wives, and now the official number of his beloved wives is five. And the left wife of Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma became Minister of the Interior. From marriages, 75-year-old Jacob has 18 children!

Philip II, King of Spain

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Number of wives: 4

The first time the king married his cousin Maria of Portugal. In an incestuous marriage, a sick child was born, and the queen herself died shortly after giving birth.

The second trip to the altar is also not successful. Maria Tudor died four years after the wedding from a fever, leaving her husband without heirs.

The third marriage made Philip truly happy. 15-year-old beauty Isabella Valois won the heart of the sullen king at first sight. She gave birth to the monarch of six children, of which, unfortunately, only two survived. The last childbirth was fatal for Isabella: she passed away from ancestral fever.

The last wife, Anna of Austria, was also not destined to live a long and happy life. Having managed to give birth to the king of the heir, she died from the flu.

Philip made no more attempts to find happiness; he lived as a widower until the end of his days.

Henry VIII, King of England

Henry VIII and his wife photo
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Number of wives:6

The notorious king, who received the unofficial title of Bluebeard, went down in history not as a competent ruler, but as a murderous husband. Driven by a fanatical desire to acquire an heir, the king changed his wives like gloves, and almost all had a sad fate. For the first time, Heinrich married the widow Catherine of Aragon at the age of 17 in 1509. After two decades of vain attempts to give birth to the heir, Catherine was dismissed. Despite the ban of the Pope, Heinrich still filed for divorce. And so that there were no unnecessary interpretations, he declared himself the head of the English church.

After the divorce from Catherine, the king married Anna Boleyn. By the way, Anna was the most devoted and loving wife of Heinrich. For three years of marriage, Boleyn presented her husband with a daughter Elizabeth (who later became the ruling queen Elizabeth I) and passionately wanted to give birth to the king's heir.The desired pregnancy came, and the court healers in one voice predicted the appearance of a son. But on a long term, Anna had a miscarriage. The cause of the tragedy was Anna's excitement for her husband's health: on the eve of Heinrich fell from his horse and suffered severe injuries. The stillborn baby was a boy. Distraught with grief and despair, Henry practically deleted Anna from his life. The new mistress of the monarch Jane Seymour gets the chambers in the yard.

The further fate of Anne Boleyn is known. The conspirators accused the woman of royal treason, betrayal and witchcraft. After the trial and the week of detention in the Tower, Anna ascended the scaffold. The king, apparently wanting to show generosity in that way, replaced the burning at the stake by decapitation. Before her death, Anna swore that she had never betrayed or betrayed her husband. The king remained indifferent to her words, and the sentence was carried out.

Heinrich's unfortunate wives - Anna Klevskaya, Ekaterina Howard, Anna Boleyn, Ekaterina Aragonskaya, Ekaterina Parr and Jane Seymour
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Heinrich and Anne Boleyn
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The frail maid of honor, Jane Seymour, became the new wife of the cruel monarch.But Henry was in no hurry to crown his young wife: he wanted to make sure that she was not barren and could bear healthy offspring. Jane justified the hopes of the king and bore him an heir - Prince Edward. But the birth was extremely difficult, and the queen passed away. Heinrich was inconsolable: Jane was his beloved wife. In his testament, the king indicated that after his death he was buried alongside beloved Jane.

Heinrich's reputation was so corrupt that father kings shook with indignation and fear when they began to receive news that a widower was looking for a suitable spouse. Again! Somehow we managed to persuade the Duke William of Cleves to marry his sister Anna to Henry. The girl was waiting for a very cold reception. The king did not hide his disappointment and was angry with the court ambassadors that the portrait of the bride and the girl herself in life are completely different in beauty! Despite all the discontent, the king still got married. But soon annulled the marriage. Anna can be called a lucky woman: she stayed at the court as the king’s beloved sister with three children born in marriage.

Heinrich no longer dreamed of royal brides, so he married one of the maids of honor, ex-wife Catherine Howard. The king was really happy and could not stop looking at his young wife.As, however, and other men! The girl was windy, and soon accused of treason. And, as you know, cheating Henry obviously does not forgive. Catherine was executed.

The last wife of the king was Catherine Parr, who had already survived two of her husbands before Heinrich. And in this marriage, the woman did not violate the tradition. Four years later, the cruel monarch passed away.

Tsar Ivan the Terrible, Russia

Tsar Ivan the Terrible and his wife photo
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Number of wives:8

The “blue beard” of all Russia could compete with the English Henry VIII. Despite the fact that the king had eight wives, only the first four are considered legal.

The first wife of the 16-year-old tsar was the 15-year-old Anastasia Zakharyina-Yuryeva. Beloved wife gave birth to the king of six children and died under mysterious circumstances. Many believed that the queen was poisoned. The death of his beloved Anastasia left an imprint on the mental state of Ivan the Terrible. From that moment, the tsar began to fight the boyars, whom Ivan suspected of poisoning his wife.

A year later, the king married the Circassian princess Kuchenei, who was baptized in Orthodoxy under the name of Mary. The new queen was unable to fill the void in the heart of the king, who was grieving for the dead wife.Even the birth of a son did not melt the ice in the relationship of spouses. By the way, according to historical sources, it was Maria who became, so to speak, the instigator of executions, and it was she who initiated the idea of ​​creating the oprichnina. After eight years of married life, Maria Temryukovna died. The causes of death remained unknown.

Two years later, Ivan the Terrible made a real contest among the virgins who wanted to share the throne and the bed with the king. Of the 2 thousand noble brides, the king chose Marfa Sobakin. But as a happy wife, the girl did not live long: two weeks after the wedding, Martha died under strange circumstances.

After marriage with Martha according to Orthodox traditions, Ivan the Terrible could no longer claim to be a wedding. But the Orthodox Church was afraid to go in defiance of the cruel Tsar, therefore she simply annulled the previous marriage with Martha. Again a new competition of brides, and 16-year-old Anna Koltovskaya becomes the queen. The marriage, however, existed only 4 months, and the annoying wife was exiled to a monastery.

And Ivan is not enough! The fifth wife of the king is the 14-year-old Maria Dolgoruky, who, on the orders of the angry king, is drowned in a swamp on her first wedding night.The king questioned the purity and virginity of his young wife. The sixth “lucky girl” also did not long rejoiced at the title of queen: a year later the girl was sent to a monastery.

The concubine of Tsar Vasilis Melentyeva terribly and tragically ended her days. At that time, the girl was married, but this did not embarrass the king. First, he removed the opponent (according to rumors, the unfortunate husband was poisoned), and second, he forced the widow to get married. How could a simple maid refuse the tsar himself ... Two years later, the conspirators declared that they had seen the beloved king in the arms of another. Vasilisa was buried alive in a coffin next to a tortured lover tortured to death.

The last time Ivan the Terrible was married, already being a sick old man. Maria Nude survived her spouse, unlike her unfortunate predecessors.