All the secrets of an unusual massage with spoons

Massage is a pleasant and very effective procedure. There are many types of massage, make it different parts of the body and even different objects. For example, today massage with spoons is very popular. And how to do it? What is needed for this?

What it is?

Chinese massage is known for a long time, especially rejuvenating, thanks to which all Chinese women look so fresh and young. There are several techniques, one of which involves the use of spoons.

You will need a regular spoon

But this technique was refined and adapted to the modern women of all countries and peoples by the German cosmetologist Rene Koch, who learned about this interesting method from his mother. And that, in turn, every morning applied cold spoons to the eyelids and very quickly put itself in order.

In fact, massage with spoons is similar to the usual massage. Circular smooth movements of the convex part of the spoon allow you to work not only on the skin, but also on the subcutaneous space, capillaries.Due to this, the blood supply improves, and hence the blood supply of all tissues.

And with normal blood circulation, metabolic processes, cell regeneration and the production of some important substances (for example, elastin and collagen) are accelerated. All this in aggregate and provides the effect of the procedure. But also the method is based on the effects of heat and cold.

The cold allows you to eliminate the swelling that is a problem for most women. And heat expands the pores and increases the permeability of the skin, which makes it even more effective to use certain products. And the combination of cold and heat is an even more tangible effect!

What is required for a massage?

So, prepare the following devices and means:

  • Spoons. If you want to process all areas of the body, prepare spoons of different sizes and shapes (for a pair of the same for work with both hands). It is best to carry out the procedure with silver or nickel silver devices, as they have a beneficial effect on the body (we all heard about the benefits of silver) and do not rust.
  • Water. It will require both cold water (or ice cubes) and hot. Instead of water, you can use a decoction of herbs.
  • Olive oil.You can also combine massage with aromatherapy elements, using some essential oil. Just a few drops.
  • Prepare a terry towel.
  • You can use your usual means (for example, creams for wrinkles or cellulite).

How to do?

Rid of wrinkles

We offer to learn how to make a face and body massage with spoons.

Face massage

We offer several manipulations:

  1. To get rid of puffiness of the eyelids and bags under the eyes, lower the spoons in ice or in cold water, apply convex parts to the eyelids, cool again and repeat the procedure at least 5-7 times. Then apply the spoons to the area under the eyes. In doing so, make smooth rolling from side to side and from top to bottom. You can lubricate the surface with eye cream or olive oil.
  2. We smooth wrinkles between the eyebrows. Cool one spoon with ice and heat the other with hot water. Apply to the nose first cold spoon, gently push it on the skin, then with a little pressure, lead up to the forehead. Now do the same with a hot spoon. Repeat the manipulation 10 times.
  3. To remove the hated “crows feet”, heat two spoons and brush them with anti-wrinkle cream or at least olive oil.Attach the spoons with convex surfaces to the temples, do 3-4 rotational movements, rolling the spoons, and then with pressure lead them to the hair growth line. Repeat this 3 times with hot appliances and as many with cold ones.
  4. Get rid of wrinkles on the forehead will help such a method: heat the spoons, place next to each other in the middle of the forehead. Now rolls lead devices to the temples. Then from the temples start walking towards the middle of the forehead. It is also possible to move the device from one temple to another with rotary movements and vice versa. When the spoons have cooled, heat them again. Do this massage for 2-3 minutes.
  5. We remove nasolabial folds. Open your mouth and stretch your lips slightly. Place the heated spoons under the wings of the nose, make 2-3 rotational movements, then move in wavelike movements to the corners of the mouth. In this area, too, do a few spinning movements, and then wave up again to the wings of the nose. Repeat all this at least 5 times.
  6. To get rid of flabbiness in the area of ​​cheekbones, dip the spoon into hot water and heat. Place them vertically under the corners of the mouth at the edge of the chin.Wavy or rotational movement to the earlobes. Heat the devices again, position them in the same way, but slightly open your mouth and smile (or say the letter “E” or “E”). Re-lead the spoons to the loops. Reaching the moches, you can make a few pressure.
  7. To remove the chin, place two heated spoons right on the lower jaw, on the chin. Lead the instruments to the ears with light pressure. Return the spoons and now move them to the ears in waves.

Massage against cellulite


Anti-cellulite massage with spoons is also effective. Here are a few tricks:

  1. Cool the spoons, smear them with anti-cellulite cream, place over the knee on the inside of the thigh. With pressure, drive the instruments up to the groin, paying special attention to the most problematic areas. Then move the spoons in a wave-like motion, and then zigzag. Do the same on the outside of the thighs, but move from top to bottom.
  2. To tighten the buttocks, cool the spoons and grease them in olive oil, place under the buttocks at the top of the inner side of the thighs. Keep the instruments at the base of the legs, moving to the outside of the thigh.At first, simply press down with the spoons on the skin, then make rotational movements, and then wavy.
  3. We work on the stomach: cool the spoons, lubricate them with cream, place them near the navel and move them in different directions with rotational movements. Then move in a wave-like motion from bottom to top and vice versa.

Effective and pleasant procedures for you!

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