Angelina Jolie asks children to spy on Brad Pitt

Publication from @joliepittdaily11 Apr 2018 at 11:07 PDT

Now, every time after her children return home after spending time with her father, Jolie asks them to talk about what is happening on the other side. However, the personal life of Pitt and so constantly covered in the news, so Angelina unwittingly becomes her witness, even if she does not want it. “She would be much clearer if Brad had disagreed with another actress. The fact that he ended up falling in love with Nari and found a common language with her only shows how little Angie knew her husband and how much she was fixated on herself, ”the insider added.

But Pitt's best friend George Clooney is incredibly happy for him and hopes that this relationship will help Brad to get a taste of life again. “George felt for himself what it means to meet not only a beautiful woman, but also an incredibly intelligent woman,” says the source.“Besides, there is one more reason that Clooney wants Brad and Nari to be together: after all, then Amal would have had the same highly developed ally as herself. And the four of them in the same company would definitely have fun and fun with each other. Angelina disliked almost all of Brad's friends, which constantly resulted in one big problem. ”