Apartment renovation ideas - 17 “before and after” photos

Old furniture, dull colors, inconvenient zoning, scattered things, because they have nowhere to store ... That all can really interfere with life. At some point it becomes completely unbearable, and a person makes a willful decision: changes are necessary. We will help you! We will fill you with inspiration, collect a collection of ingenious solutions, impressive interior changes and photos of great ideas for apartment renovation.

Photo of the kitchen before and after repair


The “before and after” photos vividly show how good, constructive ideas and a couple of interesting techniques can transform any room. Colors, materials, new floor and functional furniture will change the apartment so that you do not recognize it. Narrow rooms will seem wider, dark ones will become pleasant, and on the same square there will be a place for all things. Magic? Not at all! Only skillful planning of the room and the right furniture.

Renovating a white minimalist kitchen


Do you want a minimalist apartment? Great idea! Stylish, functional, nothing superfluous.White color, characteristic of minimalism, is a wonderful choice for small rooms that need optical magnification.

Modern kitchen renovation


Making a choice in favor of minimalism and white color, find furniture of simple forms and clean lines. To avoid the feeling that you are in the operating room, place accents with the help of wooden elements - parquet or laminate, wooden furniture. Living plants will perfectly fit into the situation and add comfort.

Photos of white kitchen before and after repairs


In narrow spaces, light plays a big role. White walls and reflective surfaces will not allow any sunbeam to slip away. Our advice: avoid vertical alignment of dark colors, only place dark surfaces in a horizontal direction.

The idea of ​​repairing the attic floor in the Scandinavian style


The attic floor is often neglected and not used at all. But attic rooms have their own charm, their own individuality. From a technical point of view, you must carefully consider the waterproofing and window openings, if any.

Large black and white kitchen in a modern style


Every housewife dreams of a big beautiful kitchen with everything you need. Thinking through the design of your new stylish kitchen, proceed from the architectural features of the room and take into account the location of drainage and ventilation.

The idea of ​​modern repair of a small narrow room - photo "before" and "after"

Often the layout of the rooms in our apartments leaves much to be desired. Only one way out - fantasy and creative approach. Light pastel colors gave the room a fresh and relaxed mood. Our advice for narrow rooms: give up high furniture like furniture walls and bookcases, visually they take up too much space.

Design projectPracowniapolka

The idea of ​​repairing the bedroom in the Scandinavian style

In the Scandinavian style, light is at the forefront. In no case should dark furniture be allowed to pick up at least some of the existing lighting. The dominant color is white. A few accents of gray and greenery of plants diversify the interior and make it cozy.

The idea of ​​repairing a small bedroom

Minimalism - the perfect solution for the interior of a small room.The same color of the walls and ceiling, painted in white parquet and gray textiles create a single image. Tip: Replace the handles on the cabinets with a push-button mechanism for opening the doors, as in the presented photo. Laconic facades almost merged with the wall, from which the room seems larger.

Design projectArchideck

The idea of ​​repairing a small child. Photo "before"

Most often in the nursery we need to find a place for the bed, and for the table, and for the closet ... And it often happens that, having placed the bed, we can no longer find a place for everything else. Our advice: do not buy ready-made furniture. Order the manufacture of furniture designed for a particular room.

Furniture made to order for a very small nursery. Photo "after"

In the manufacture of furniture to order you will proceed from the individual characteristics of the room and the needs of the person living in it. You will have the opportunity to make optimal use of every centimeter of space. In the photo above you can see the built-in wardrobe and shelves in the headboard, made on an individual project.

Design projectCzysta Forma

Children's modern style with orange accents

At a certain point in life, all children come to the stage when a person has his own view of what his room should be. The child has a constant and serious hobby, interesting topics for him. And in adolescence, when the time passes with bears, the child wants to participate in equipping his own room. A good solution for a teenager's room is a functional furniture with a simple but practical design and color accents arranged using individual pieces of furniture and textiles.

Design projectMeble vox

Repair of a children's room for two children. Photo "before"

In the design of the nursery, it makes sense to abandon themed wallpapers and furniture, which in a few years will cease to be interesting for the child. Our advice: bean bags and ottomans perfectly fulfill the role of multifunctional furniture, which will definitely have the small family members to their liking.

The idea of ​​repairing a children's room. Photo "after"

With the help of accents in the design of the child can be beaten the hobby of the child. At the same time, it is necessary to think about how these accents can be changed in case of a change in the interests of the owner of the room.

Design projectTutaj Concept

The idea of ​​repairing the toilet: photo "before" and "after"

Previously, this toilet was a pitiful sight - small, narrow and dirty. Designers lengthened the room and managed to find a stylish combination of various methods: the blue-gray color scheme, the floor is decorated with tiles with an ornament, one wall is painted in a calm gray tone, the other two are covered with photo wallpapers, creating a feeling of endless perspective.

Design projectAle design

Small bathroom. Photo "before"

A narrow bathroom with an inconvenient layout and protruding water pipe is not the most attractive sight. Randomly scattered things do not add beauty to it. Our advice: combine two well-matched colors.

The idea of ​​repairing the bathroom. Photo "after"

In this project, designers combined white color and wood, placing them on all surfaces. For white tile and furniture were selected glossy options. Together with the mirror, reflecting the light, they make the room brighter and visually enlarge it.

Design projectBluecat studio

The idea of ​​the interior of a small bathroom in pastel colors.

The design project is designed to repair a small bathroom with a limited budget.The white and blue interior looks fresh and modern, and the bathroom has turned out to be cozy and beautiful.

Design projectStudio Monocco

Bathroom interior idea - indirect lighting and combination of materials

The idea of ​​indirect lighting is very popular and works wonders, especially in small rooms. Create glowing "tapes" on the long elements of the bathroom - on the bathtub, washbasin or closet. Glossy surfaces enhance the aesthetics of the effect by reflecting soft light.

Design projectAbo studio

The idea of ​​repairing the bathroom - a small bathroom in a minimalist style.

Win-win - black and white bathroom interior. This design project is interesting extravagant black floor and unusual for a bathroom with a textured brick wall.

Design projectDziurdzia Projekt

The idea of ​​an interior bathroom in white

You have a very small bathroom, but you would not want to give up the bathroom. A small bath, designed to sit, can be a way out. Our advice: choose narrow furniture and light colors.

Small bathroom interior with storage space

Even the smallest bathroom needs a place to store various things. Stone stand for trifles and compact built-in cabinets with glass facades will fall at an opportune moment and will present a narrow room in a good light.

Design projectA1 Studio

Optimal use of small bathroom space

Of course, if you need to put a washing machine in a small bathroom, the room will be even smaller. In this case, you need to find a very clever solution. Designers entered the washing machine in a number of built-in wardrobes, combining the entire lower level under one countertop. Above they placed a wall-mounted wardrobe in the whole wall with mirrored facades. The entire interior is decorated in gray and white, which might look quite boring, if not bright green accents, arranged with the help of textiles and details.