Are you ready to trade hats and caps ... for baseball caps?

“It’s not necessary to be a baseball fan to fall in love with caps once and for all,” the Russian Vogue cheerfully concludes, reinforcing the assurance that baseball caps are about to become the most fashionable headdress of the season, a photo of two Asian fashionistas at Paris Fashion Week, wearing fur coat, baseball caps and fur flip flops. And we remember that in the wake of the popularity of sports style, everyone already recognized sneakers as shoes for every day, justified leggings in the role of jeans and pants, tried to wear a sports top instead of a bra and even, perhaps, for the first time in their lives, since high school hoodie. But the trio of "fur coat - spanking - cap" looks somehow quite infernal, not to mention the fact that the combination of a "horse tail" hairstyle with a baseball cap immediately reminds us of such a girl from the district. But we already know that democratic brands cannot be stopped, and if on the catwalks and in magazines caps and baseball caps “will be given good”, then on the shelves of the latter there will be much more than the wide-brimmed hats and caps that we already like.While Vogue convinces us that the caps can now be worn with everything in the world, we decided to see what this teenage accessory is showing on the catwalk, and make our verdict.