Beautiful and trendy makeup in gold tones

Make-up is an important component of any image, and if it is stylish, then you will definitely pay attention to yourself. To look stunning and be in trend, try to make an interesting make-up in gold tones.

Who goes gold makeup, in which cases it is appropriate?

If you choose the right shades and take into account the nuances of appearance, then gold makeup will suit almost any woman. But it is worth remembering that such a specific and bright color tends to highlight imperfections, such as wrinkles, inflammation, pimples. And so it is not worth the risk if you have imperfect skin. Also, makeup artists are advised to be more careful for aged ladies.

Golden shades can emphasize the paleness of the skin, so either get rid of it using a tan, or choose a suitable tonal tool. But gold looks especially luxurious on dark girls who can afford even bright colors. Be careful it is worth being and blondes: they risk to look ridiculous or vulgar, but still barely noticeable golden sheen will not hurt them.Brunettes are lucky much more, because their hair color will become even more saturated thanks to a fashionable make-up. Eyes can be any.

Gold makeup should be reserved for special occasions: it will perfectly fit into evening looks, it will be appropriate at parties or on holidays, as well as other similar events. For everyday life, such bright colors do not quite fit, although you can afford a little shine. And certainly not worth doing such a make-up, going to work in the office or study.

Gold on the eyelids

Winning and interesting luxury of gold looks for centuries. To create makeup, it's best to use shadows that will allow you to experiment with brightness and create interesting effects. You can use different options: with a rich golden tinge, pearl luster, microscopic or larger sequins. And to mark the eye area and emphasize them, you can make a black non-greasy contour along the eyelash growth line.

If you are afraid that the make-up will be defiant, start with a small amount of gold in your eyelids. A great way to emphasize your eyes without frills - a gold eyeliner, with which you can make a thin barely noticeable line.You can also use a pencil: you can both create a rather fatty contour, and shade it and make it softer.

Gold on lips

If you do not know how to do makeup in gold color, then try experimenting with this shade on the lips. For special occasions, bright lipstick with a pronounced gloss, a dense layer covering the skin and creating the effect of gilding.

But you can choose honey-colored cosmetics with barely perceptible golden shine or pearlescent shine. And if you are just starting to master the basics of the make-up in question, for the first time, limit yourself to brilliance with a light shimmer.

Tip: You can make the lips more appetizing and expressive, marking their contour with a pencil of light brown or honey hue. But be sure to blend the line: it should remain almost invisible, not standing out against a golden background.

Gold on the face

In the evening make-up may be flickering skin of the face, and this technique, by the way, will increase some areas due to the radiance. And you can reduce the nose or cheekbones in this way, creating lines near these zones and combining them with darker tones that are applied directly to the problem parts.

To create a golden glitter on the face, use blush, shimmering powder or, for example, highlighter. But do not overdo it: the face should not sparkle and be completely golden, it will look extremely ridiculous.

Important make-up rules in gold tones

To make-up in gold color succeeded and transformed you, follow a few important rules:

  1. If gold is present in the make-up, then carefully choose the other shades. To create an elegant and discreet image, you can use brown, nude tones. Black favorably emphasizes gold, and red adds luxury, but would be appropriate in special cases. You can also add a little green.
  2. It is better to make only one golden accent, highlighting either the eyes, or the lips, or parts of the face. Otherwise, your image will seem overloaded and overly pretentious, which is undesirable.
  3. Remember that a fashionable and stylish make-up should suit you. So when choosing shades, consider the features of your appearance. So, light-skinned blondes better to stay in light and soothing colors, and dark brunette and brown-haired women can afford brighter accents.
  4. Add makeup with gold or an imitating accessory or a small element of clothing: for example, accessories, a buckle of a strap, a ring, a bracelet, a pendant, a decorative element on a shoe. But again, there should not be too much gold!
  5. If you still do not understand whether such a bold makeup suits you, then try to find photos of girls with your type. Visual examples will help to determine and find the best and highlight the shades of beauty.

If you have not yet tried on gold on your face, by all means do it by creating a stylish make-up in a golden color!

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