Bouquet for a nice lady

On the eve of the International Women's Day is worth thinking about gifts. Agree, gifts made with his own hands, will delight your loved ones more than the exquisite works of modern industry. This master class is dedicated to creating a small bouquet, which can be used both as a boutonniere and as a fridge magnet, which we need. So, we will need to purchase a standard set of materials used to create handicrafts in kanzashi technique: - ribbons of various colors, for a bunch I use 2.5 cm wide ribbons; - a candle, matches; - a pencil, a ruler; - Moment glue (as practice showed , it's best to use Crystal, but if you can't get one, any other goy, but with a strong fixation). start making a charming bouquet of lovely ladies. Work stages: 1. We start with the preparation of tapes (choose the desired color).  Satin ribbons
2. Ribbon cut into rectangles with a length of 3 cm.For one flower you will need 12 petals of the same color.
 cut into small squares
3. The petals of our future flowers now we need to round out. We put neatly strokes on which we will cut.
 we will cut out
4. By the way, in order not to cut each petal separately, I folded all 12 petals and, holding it with a pin, cut out all at once. So you need to do with all the petals.
 all the petals
5. Next, each petal must be singed on the candle so that the edges do not crumble. It is better to do this by holding the petal facing toward you, bringing it to the base of the flame.
6. Further it is necessary to give shape due to the folds of the base. We make the folds as follows:
 give shape
7. The most time consuming part of the work is completed. Getting to the assembly. We will collect flowers on cotton buds.
 glue the petals
8.Gently glue the first petal to the stick.
 glue the petals
9. Next, glue to the stick the remaining 11 petals in a checkerboard pattern. We get such a flower:
paste over with petals
10. This is the base of the flower.
 looks like the base of the flower
11. Similarly, we collect the remaining flowers.
 collect the remaining flowers
 collect the remaining flowers
12. The flowers are ready, but where did you see the bouquet without greens? We do sepals. To do this we need 3 strips 7 cm long (the width of all ribbons is 2.5 cm).  Making sepals 13. We fold the strip in half, face down.
 Fold the stripes
14. We cut and immediately singe the cut.
15.We turn out, such wonderful petals are obtained.
 We turn
16. We put petals on cotton buds.
 Put on the petals
17. We bind our bunch tightly with thread.
 We link our bunch
18. We cut unnecessary ends of sticks.
 decorating the stem of the bouquet
19. Next, we decorate the stem of the bouquet. Wrap it with a green ribbon.
 Fold along
20. It seemed to me, in a bunch of enough leaves. The leaves, I decided to make a slightly different form. To do this, we cut off two more rectangles with a length of 7-8 cm. We fold them along with the front side out.
21. Crop.
We fold the bottom of the sheet
22. We fold the base of the sheet.
Glue the leaves
23. We are scorching for fixation.We glue the leaves in the place where it is needed.
24. Actually everything! True, I also decided to add a small bow as the final chord.
 Bouquet for a nice lady
 Bouquet for a lovely lady
If you want to use this bouquet to decorate a refrigerator, just glue it to a magnet. As you can see, everything is enough about a hundred, most importantly, be patient and have a great desire! With such components, everything will certainly work!