Brigitte Macron style - courage in spite of etiquette?

The second round of elections in France ended with a predictable result: the country's president will be young and handsome Emmanuel Macron, and the country's wine, cheese and haute couture will have a new stylish heroine - the wife of Macron Brigitte. The whole world is already gossiping about the history of their acquaintance (by the way, we also wrote about it separately), and, by the way, in our Russian information space Brigitte has already collected her portion of negative comments. "Old", "wrinkled", "seduced the minor", "climbs into power" or even "works" under the guise of "gay husband" - the most common options.

Brigitte Macron is praised and condemned with zeal inherent in the crowd, when a different character appears in sight. And Madame Macron is definitely different. And not only in the way she builds her personal life, but also in the way she presents herself to the public and dresses. "His rock chic, tan,Brigitte Macron runs her blond hair and high heels at the risk of undermining the political landscape, French media outlets write about the President’s “right hand” with curiosity and apprehension. What is there in her style that makes you talk about her as a completely new heroine in French politics?

Brigitte Macron - not a classic Frenchwoman who admires the gloss

If you look at the style of Madame Macron, then at first glance you notice that it does not at all fit the description of Parisian chic or elegant negligence that fashion magazines nurture, just about the French and their attitude to fashion. Here you do not have neither striped sailor, nor modest gray trousers, nor ballet flats, nor even for some of them the standard of careless styling in the spirit of “I-only-out-of-bed”, like in Lou Duion or Karin Roitfeld. Macron rather reminds her namesake of Brigitte Bardot (and do not need another time about age) in the years when she rested on the laurels of a sex symbol and in all the photos seemed to revel in her own beauty.

French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte

Brigitte Macron does not hesitate to dress expensive

In this, she is closer to American beauty Melania Trump than her predecessor Carla Bruni: she wears expensive brands,including their iconic and advertised things like the Capucines bag from Louis Vuitton or the bright shoes from Gianvito Rossi, and attends fashion shows of key French houses. In politics, she is such a Jay Lo, a brave and bourgeois lady, who does not exactly think of being modest and looking at her passport, choosing one or another outfit for herself. Some Frenchmen on this account viciously hiss, fomenting class quarrels: they say, moreover, that Madame Macron of a wealthy family and is suspected of having connections with the Rothschilds, so she is not going to hide her financial situation either.

French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte

Brigitte Macron doesn't care what is written in the articles "How to dress after 60"

Think about it, she is 64 years old - not even 40 or not 50, while our modern glossy industry is starting “age-related repression” towards readers at the age of 35, if not earlier. Madame Macron probably reads another press, and the annoying “collective farm” councils use to keep the fire in the fireplace in a country house. And she is absolutely satisfied with her appearance, otherwise there is no way to explain her far from a one-time addiction to mini and the complete absence of visible surgical intervention in the exterior.With his peers - the heroes of Tatler now this almost does not happen ...

First Lady of France Brigitte Macron

Brigitte Macron loves black skin, bright colors and is not going to be lost sight of.

Brigitte is both fashionable and out of her at the same time, like Kate Moss, who has found her "golden ten" of things and now simply uses them in various versions and combinations. Madame Macron doesn’t try to be so frustrated and discernible that you begin to envy her self-confidence: if the coat is in the classical style, then bright; if the jacket is for every day, then leather leather jacket, which, in principle, as if created for platinum blondes; and if a short dress, then he can be even laced, even brazenly emphasizing the figure. With which, by the way, the 64-year-old Macron is more than fine.

French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte

What to learn from Madame Macron? 5 things that we would love to "borrow" from her:

Leather pants

You can spend half your life on their quest, because designer models are indecently expensive, and in cheap leather pants it's hot and uncomfortable. But the remaining half of his life, it will be the most favorite pants in the world!

First Lady of France Brigitte Macron

Baby doll short style dress

The fashion for all volumetric, strange and androgynous "pushed" this model of a dress on the backyards, popular in the 2000s, and by the wayshe looks stern and elegant and quite suitable for the role of a boring office attire.

French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte

Perfect beige coat

And also not black, not brown and not gray. In the end, since you have discovered the most fashionable outerwear, it has already been accurately reproduced in dozens of color variations.