Brilliantly simple way to grow green onions without land

If you like fresh greens and would like to grow it yourself at home, but would not like to mess with the ground, you can try the following trick - grow the feathers of young green onions ... in egg trays. How often they stay after buying eggs and are thrown into the trash! It turns out that they can replace a pot and soil at the same time: bulbs perfectly germinate in egg trays and give a lot of fresh greens.

In order to grow green onions without land, you will need to pre-soak the bulbs for 12 hours or a day in water of 40 degrees - this activates the bulbs and will give faster growth of feathers. Next you need to put the egg trays on a baking sheet or in any other container and fill it with water. In the egg trays, plant the bulbs and send them to a warm place for germination. Periodically, as evaporation, water pour.By the way, the green onion also grows well in the sawdust: the container is filled with processed sawdust processed with boiling water (you can buy it at any pet store), bulbs are planted in them.

The feathers of onions are cut several times, which means that pairs of egg trays or one container with sawdust are more than enough to get a lot of fresh green onions for the whole family!