Can I eat raw mushrooms?

Champignons are among the most common and popular mushrooms, and they are used to prepare a variety of dishes. Is it possible to use them raw? Let's figure it out!

Is it possible or not?

So, is it possible to eat raw champignons? It is possible, but carefully and not in all cases. So, it is not recommended to eat mushrooms gathered in the forest, because they have the property of absorbing the substances contained in the soil and accumulating them, and the modern ecological situation leaves much to be desired.

But cultivated and grown in the greenhouse mushrooms are quite suitable for consumption in raw form, if for the care of them were not used pesticides and other chemicals. Safety and safety information can be found on the packaging: bona fide manufacturers indicate that the product is organic and environmentally friendly.

Champignons can be used separately as a hearty and nutritious snack: they contain protein and dietary fiber that are useful for muscles and digestion.But you can also use these mushrooms for cooking fresh salads: they are perfectly combined with meat, chicken and vegetables.

Important Usage Rules

To eat raw champignons without harm to health, follow a few simple rules:

  1. Choose high-quality champignons. It is best to purchase mushrooms in hermetic packages, since pathogenic microorganisms inevitably fall into the bulk-sold and laid out containers in open containers (it is possible to kill some only with full heat treatment).
  2. Remember that fresh champignons are the most useful and harmless. The period of their storage can not exceed 5 days, so it is better to eat mushrooms immediately, once you bought them in the store.
  3. Before use, be sure to wash champignons thoroughly in running water, preferably hot, in order to completely remove contamination.
  4. Do not abuse this product, as it is quite difficult for the digestive tract. A day is enough for five large mushrooms or ten small ones.
  5. Watch the reaction of your body. If, after eating raw mushrooms, you feel a heavy stomach and other unpleasant symptoms, the product is probably not suitable for you.

Eat fresh and high-quality raw champignons gently and in moderation!

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