Chloe Kardashian admitted that she dreamed of a son

Three months ago, baby Tru appeared in the family of Chloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson, and despite the revealed betrayal of her boyfriend, Chloe was sincerely happy about the birth of her daughter. “Our little girl stole our hearts, and we are filled with love. Such a blessing to greet this angel in our family. Mom and Dad love you, Tru! "- wrote the girl on her page in Instagram.

But the younger sister Kim, as it turned out, most of all she dreamed of her son! "I really wanted the boy, because we are with Mason (the eldest son of Courtney Kardashian." -Note ed.) were always close, there was a special connection between us. I was just sure that my son will be born! But the Lord blessed me with the little Tru, and now I do not even know what I would do with the boy. Everything turned out exactly as it should have been, but with the advent of True, I became softer and affectionate, ”Chloe shared her thoughts with Twitter.