Chloe Kardashian was left with Tristan Thompson, despite the entreaties of close

Despite the fact that the Kardashian family begged Chloe to leave Cleveland, where she lives with Tristan Thompson, and take her newborn baby Tru with her, the girl unexpectedly repulsed the mothers and sisters. But the matter, as sources say, is not that Chloe forgave an unfaithful basketball player: she simply believes that Tru will be better if Tristan also spends as much time with her as possible, even in the very first months. “She appreciates the help and support that her family continues to provide. But Chloe is sure that you can't just take a child away from her father: communication with him is just as important for Tru as her maternal presence. If Chloe now flew to Los Angeles after the sisters, it would take a long time before Tristan could get out of the work schedule and join them, ”said an insider.