Christmas toys made of cloth do it yourself

On the eve of the New Year, each person aspires to decorate his home as much as possible, where the tree plays the main role in this holiday. Flashing colorful lights and shimmering shades, it can look much more original if it is decorated with handmade Christmas toys made of cloth. It sounds tempting, but does the complexity of the process worry? You should not worry about this, since it is not difficult to sew an original toy - even a schoolboy can handle it. The main thing - the desire and maximum imagination.

Christmas Christmas toys made of cloth with their own hands: the benefits and the process of preparation

The undeniable advantage of this type of jewelry is thatFabric toys do not break, unlike glass. No need to worry that the inquisitive child will certainly get a toy and be able to break it during the game.Any handmade Christmas tree toy will remind you of one or another meeting of the New Year, especially if this holiday has left pleasant memories.

You can independently sew any toy - whether it’s a fairy tale or cartoon character, an animal - a symbol of the coming year, or a fairy tale creature born in unrestrained fantasy. Christmas tree, which will decorate the New Year's soft toys with their own hands, no doubt, will look unique and original. In addition, you can significantly save on expensive toys. If all these beliefs have given you optimism, then go ahead - consider what is necessary for such handicraft.

For a start, it is worth deciding on the choice of fabric. You can use any, but stillfor sewing soft toys recommended fabric with a texture that preserves the shape. Fleece, in this case, the best option, although also suitable for felt, flax, coarse calico and any coat fabric.

Fleece does not crumble when cutting, like ordinary fabrics, making it the most convenient material for making soft Christmas toys

For the work will need a number of accessories, namely:

  • needle;
  • a thread;
  • scissors;
  • cardboard for the manufacture of the template;
  • pencil;
  • ruler;
  • gasket material (synthetic winterizer, cotton wool);
  • compass;
  • jewelry - beads, buttons, ribbons, sparkles and others.

How to sew soft Christmas toys on the Christmas tree do it yourself: tips for beginners

snowmen on the tree

Christmas toys with their own hands

It is worth starting with toys of simpler forms.- you can sew a star, tree, snowman, etc. Consider step by step some simple, but fairly original examples of products.

  1. To sew a soft toy "Christmas tree", you must first make a template.
  2. On a sheet of cardboard, we apply an image of the desired tree shape and cut it out.
  3. Attaching the template to the fabric, with the help of a pencil we transfer its contours (in duplicate).
  4. Then with scissors we cut two figures out of the fabric, fold them and sew all the edges with a thread.
  5. Having reached almost to the end, through an undelivered hole we twist the workpiece and stuff the future toy with cotton wool or a sintepon for shaping, and we finish the seam.
  6. It remains to make an eyelet so that you can hang it and the base of the toy is ready.
  7. Then you can decorate it by sewing colorful buttons (in the form of balls) or ribbons.

If the inversion of the workpiece is not provided, you can use curly scissors that will make the contours of the original and more natural.

Other variants of toys are sewn according to the same principle. You can, for example, sew a small mitten, decorate it with ribbons, and in the middle hide a small gift for a loved one. These are the easiest ways, and for an inexperienced craftswoman it is better to start with them in order to gain certain skills that will help to further create true masterpieces. If nature has not endowed with the ability to correctly transfer the outlines of objects, then ready-made patterns for textile Christmas-tree toys can be purchased.

Tilda dolls - the rules of the pattern of textile toys on the Christmas tree

One of the most popular types of soft toys are Tilda dolls. These charming girls came to us in the early 2000s from Norway. Soft Tilda dolls are an element of the interior, a kind of amulet and guardian of the hearth. All of them, at first glance, are diverse. But, looking closer, you can see a great similarity between them: the technique of manufacturing, the characteristic blush of each toy, as well as the "understatement" of facial features, which gives them a special charm.

Tilda dolls can be a good decoration for the New Year tree.Patterns of textile toys for the Christmas tree can be made independently or purchased ready-made (they are commercially available, and also quite a few options can be found on the Internet). A popular doll on this holiday will be Santa Claus with a bag of gifts, a snowman or a cute fairy. In order to sew a toy, you will need different types of fabrics: flax, fleece, coarse calico, wool and sintepon for stuffing.Vatu can not be used, because possible stray clumps will spoil the appearance of the doll.

When performing Tilda's toys, it is necessary to take into account that the fabric for the body must necessarily have the color of a weak “tan” or solid beige. The desired shade of the material can be obtained using coffee, cocoa, cinnamon.

For other Tilda style Christmas toys, you can choose any fabric color you choose. For example, for a bunny, it can be used as a normal white color for it, as well as any other color: show imagination.

Patterns for textile toys

According to the pattern blanks are cut, stitched and stuffed with filler. Whereinit is not necessary to pack limbs tightly, as they must bend. Then all the individual parts are carefully, without visible seams, attached to the main body. It is generally worth noting thatTilda dolls are sewn mostly without tucks.

Now you need to think about clothes, which will suit any monophonic or with a small pattern material. If it's Santa Claus, you need to sew panties, a jacket, boots and a cap on your head. For this, red fabric is best. Finishing will be given by finishing items - buttons, stickers and so on.

A mandatory attribute of the appearance of Santa is a beard, which is used as wool for felting

Also, black thread should embroider eyes on the face. A bag of gifts can be decorated with embroidered snowflakes, and small patches can be sewn onto felt boots for greater naturalness.

Such a Santa Claus, especially if you add the Tilda Snowman, the Christmas rabbit or Rudolph the Fawn, to him, will bring the Christmas mood and Christmas spirit to every home.


In conclusion, I would like to say that the main role played by new-year fabric toys with their own hands is to create the effect of a "fairy tale", the presence of good magical creatures that bring joy and good mood in the new year.Such toys can be placed not only on the tree, they can be decorated in the form of holders of curtains, decorate windows, doors, as well as gift boxes.