Coffee as it is!

Professionals coffee business, believe that the number of different varieties of coffee on the planet exceeds a thousand. Use each variety in different ways, based on its qualities. Immaculate advantage in the use of give one variety - Arabian coffee, or arabica. But relatively recently, another cultivar has been identified: Robusta! There are many more varieties, but so far they have not acquired commercial value.

The best robusta from Madagascar and Guinea. A distinctive feature of the variety is a short rounded grain, which is very dark when roasting. A prepared coffee drink made from 100% Robusta is characterized by a sharp bitter taste and a high content of caffeine, while arabica is much softer and more aromatic. From these two different varieties and make the most amazing mixes, with a bouquet for any gourmet refreshing drink. Robusta fills the drink with a unique color and strength, but arabica smoothes bitterness and adds refined taste. These grains are bought by each country in bulk from every country, coffee is found in every house. According to statistics, the use of coffee in the world is quite stable, and the increase is about 2% per year.Agree quite difficult to imagine our country without this drink. It is drunk everywhere, at home, visiting friends, in cafes, restaurants, even in a stall on the street. What is the secret and how to make good coffee? This is a whole science. It all starts with coffee beans. Grain should preferably be roasted fresh. Depending on the expected bouquet, choose the mixture, and the degree of roasting. But in artisanal conditions it is rather difficult, almost impossible, to fry coffee. No less important and grinding. Grinding is chosen depending on the method of preparation. It should be remembered that ground coffee loses its properties in a matter of hours. Because you should not grind coffee in large quantities. Grinding should be carefully selected, since the level of extraction of coffee depends directly on grinding. To select the amount of coffee powder, it is often necessary to adhere to the standard, 10-12 grams of coffee powder for 180 ml of water. Coffee capsules are often used. If you sell coffee in bulk, then buying coffee in capsules in bulk is very convenient. Do not forget about water. It is no less important component than the coffee bean itself. The salt content and water hardness should be monitored, the average water hardness acceptable for making coffee ranges from 4 to 8 mEq.The temperature of the water during extraction is close to the boiling point. The temperature of the coffee itself should be quite high, to keep the temperature level for as long as possible, heat the cups. Freshly brewed coffee should be immediately served at the table. Since reheating the already cold coffee is not acceptable and harmful. From the coffee maker also much depends and it is worth remembering that, like the new and old grandmother's coffee machine requires care. If the coffee maker is only purchased, then it should be rinsed well with a number of chemical. substances, then rinse well with hot water and the first coffee brewed in it should be poured. Then you can safely make coffee. If you are brewing coffee in large volumes, you should conduct the procedure once a week.