Compact design with smart design: 30 square meters of functional interior

The interior of a tiny apartment should be as concise, stylish and practical as possible. How to correctly divide the space into functional zones, but at the same time avoid the feeling of tightness? To answer these questions we decided to consider a real example - apartments, the area of ​​which does not exceed 30 square meters.

Free layout

Apartment layout, 30 square metersApartment layout, 30 square meters

The first advantage of this small-sized was its layout. In fact, this is one rectangular room without walls and partitions. There is practically no entrance hall, the kitchen is combined with the rest of the space, and the bathroom is quite tiny. Despite the small area, the apartment was successfully zoned.

Successful zoning in small sizeSuccessful zoning in small size

To divide the space and visually shield one zone from another, small plasterboard partitions, a different color of the floor covering and a small podium in the kitchen area were used.

Kitchen interior in a small apartmentKitchen interior in a small apartment Interior of a small hallwayInterior of a small hallway Interior of the hallway in a small roomInterior of the hallway in a small room Small bathroom interiorSmall bathroom interior

Work with color

Small-sized interior

An important role in the design of small-sized plays color range. Here it is standard for small spaces. But white is harmoniously diluted with splashes of spring shades - lilac on the curtains and green, which is present on the indoor plants. In order to balance and balance the space, the flooring for the living room area was chosen in a warm dark shade, while in the kitchen and hallway they preferred light floors.

Dining areaDining area Living areaLiving area

Gloss and backlight

Spot lights around the entire ceilingSpot lights around the entire ceiling

In the interior there is a sufficient number of glossy surfaces that work on the visual increase of light. As for lighting, in this apartment a panoramic window with a beautiful spring view has become a real treasure. It allowed to fill the room with natural light, which is extremely important for a small space. In addition, small spotlights were embedded around the entire ceiling.Due to this, at different times of day you can create different lighting scenarios.

Glossy doors at the wardrobeGlossy doors at the wardrobe Large panoramic windowLarge panoramic window

Maximum functionality

Where were all the things placed and where was the sleeping place hidden? This apartment is full of surprises and original solutions. For example, near the dining area there is a comfortable place to relax. In fact, under it hides a bed, which, if necessary, conveniently roll out and roll back. There is also an almost invisible wardrobe, where the entire wardrobe is perfectly located. In addition, the apartment has built-in shelves and hidden cabinets, which helped clean up the apartment.

Laconic interior of small sizeLaconic interior of small size From the lift rolls out from under the podiumFrom the lift rolls out from under the podium Mirrored doors in the hallwayMirrored doors in the hallway

It was possible to make this interior concise and functional thanks to intelligent storage systems.