Congratulations and wishes for the wedding

Wedding is a special event in the life of everyone. Indeed, what could be more important than connecting two loving hearts into one, creating a new family. On this unforgettable day, the joy of the newlyweds come to share their loved ones and friends. Congratulations and wishes for the wedding are the most sincere and kind, they are pronounced as a parting word to the young for a long happy life together. In addition to the “heroes of the day”, congratulations to the newly-minted relatives - the father-in-law and the mother-in-law, the mother-in-law. Congratulations of parents at the wedding is always very warm, because this is a blessing to the young couple and a wish for happiness, prosperity and well-being.


Wedding greetings from parents to newlyweds

Wedding day ... The joy of parents is understandable, because today is the birthday of a new young family. Sometimes this joy is slightly with “sadness”; still, beloved children leave their parental home. However, in such a bright day there is no place for sadness and sadness - just look into the happy eyes of the newlyweds.So, best wishes for a wedding from the parents! Congratulations!

Dear our daughter and son! Today on your faces we see endless happiness and smiles. So let these smiles never leave your faces, and your happiness will in fact become infinite. All the best and brightest in your new, still unexplored, but already such an interesting life. Advice to you, love!


Beloved daughter, as always you are beautiful,
Son, we always love you,
Today you are together and it became clear to us
What a new life you go, hooray!
And may this life be wonderful for you,
Health, good luck, warmth for a hundred years!
Children, you rather bring us
Do not know sorrow, anxiety and misfortune!


Dear children! May your marriage be happy! May your love be joyful! Live in friendship and harmony. We always want happiness to be long, and therefore I wish you only eternal happiness, love only bright, friends of faithful only! So let your union be happy!

Best wishes for the wedding of my brother from my sister

Brother and sister are the closest relatives. And, of course, the loving little sister saved the lovely and touching wishes for the little brothers at the wedding.Such congratulations express the most sincere sisterly love and affection. Here are some examples of congratulations on the wedding of his brother from her sister.

Favorite brother! I am very glad for you today, because you made such a wonderful choice, your bride is a beautiful and clever girl! I wish you all the best that is in the world! May your family never leave love, tenderness and prosperity! Save it for years to come! And let your house always be warm and bright!


From my sister you are told:
Take care of your wife, groom, this time.
Let her dizzy
Love and happiness are two.
Three - the family wall of a reliable be,
If you go to your husbands, do not be damned.
Well, then, brother, do not count
Wishes better take.


Brother, dear, I want to wish happiness, prosperity and health on a sheet of your destiny in red ink calligraphic italics put their signatures ... And below luck added "All the best!"

Original congratulations on the wedding from friends


True and true friends will gladly raise a glass in honor of the newlyweds. And what congratulations and wishes to the newlyweds from friends sound at the wedding table! Cheerful and touching, serious and funny -,but equally kind and sincere. How to originally congratulate the newlyweds on their most important day? Choose the best greetings!

As a rule, at any wedding can not do without comic appeals of the groom's friends to the newly-married couple:

“To marry or not to marry?” -
That is the question, and difficult:
You are in any situation
You will begin to regret that you could decide.
And since you decide to marry,
Philosopher you are our dear
That we wish with all my heart,
So that you do not even think of divorcing!

Wedding "general" congratulations to the newlyweds from friends:

From the whole team of boys
I want to tell you today.
Wish you more kids,
And boys, and a couple of daughters.
You just do not forget about us
We honestly were friends with you,
And we came to your wedding,
To the family you lived tightly.

But the wish of the newlyweds from friends - in prose:

Newlyweds! On this bright day, we want to congratulate from the bottom of our hearts a new, happy family with the fact that you have decided to seal your feeling with an official marriage. Let love shine on you with that ray through life, which will always lead you to each other. You must not only love your partner, but also treat him with respect and understanding.May the common life bring you only joy and happiness.

How can the newlyweds congratulate the witness? After all, this crucial role is usually given to the best friend of the groom. It is the witness who remains the groom's “right hand” during the wedding celebration — he maintains the general atmosphere with the help of sparkling jokes and toasts. Therefore, the congratulations from the witness should be unforgettable and fun.

Witnessing a wedding is fun,
Thank you for your trust, friends,
I feel comfortable now
After all, before the eyes of the family is born.
Go ahead boldly, young.
To adversity and sorrows, give battle,
Love will give you more power
To finish the wedding golden!