Conversations on souls: interview with Danila Yakushev

A few years ago, Danilo Yakushev all vied with each other compared with the Hollywood star Ryan Gosling. Indeed, one type: both attractive blond with bright eyes. However, the roles and characters are different. Our actor has more than 63 works (and this is 32 years old!). This week Danila Yakushev and his colleagues present the historical film “The First” at the Kinotavr festival. In an interview with SUNMAG, Danila told how he fought with a real wolf during filming, why he no longer wants to meet with actresses and what principles he cannot give up.

Tell us about your role. Do you like historical films yourself?

The project “First” is an unforgettable journey. We shot three seasons: summer, autumn, severe winter. This is one of the most incredible adventures. We sailed every day. On the ship there was not a single object of modernity. The ship stood on the shore. Removed from a kopter, from the big helicopter. He was not even seen, because he was somewhere over the mountains.And we were just lost in time ... I once told a friend-actor that we will remember these moments in old age. If we were on an excursion, we would be put on a vest. And here everything was like in Scandinavia: rocks, pines, water. We shot a storm at zero degrees. Terribly. After all, this is not a pavilion, but open water. We, dressed in wetsuits, under which woolen clothes were hidden, were watered with ice water. Cognac sipped to keep warm.

And then my hero fought with a wolf, alive, albeit tame. The director put me pieces of meat and fish for the scruff of the beast, so that the beast gnawed them out. In the story, he broke his throat.

It was scary?

Yes, because the beast was big enough, although I'm also rather big. Holding it by the ears and neck. Explained: "Let him understand that you are stronger." But those were ticklish moments. The scene was filmed for about an hour. I had to fight him. He seemed to be playing, but at some point it turned into something more serious ... I was also taught to manage a fourteen laika sledge. Some of them went through the entire North Pole.

You said that not a weak guy. And after all the truth, for some years you abruptly pumped up ...

It so happened that he left the theater in 2011, decided to radically change the type.There was a tall, thin master of sports in basketball at the time. And then all my athletes are just friends ... I have been playing sports for six years. As a result, gained more than 20 kilograms of muscle mass. Weighed 65 kg, now 97 with an increase of 195 cm As a consequence, other roles, heroes, have become. I used to play addicts, losers. And now - those who catch them.

Publication by Danil Yakushev (@capdan)May 19, 2018 at 2:39 pdt

With some of the partners in the picture made friends? In general, how do you feel about communicating with colleagues?

Of course, made friends. Zhenka Tkachuk is a very strong partner. Serebryakov considers him one of the best actors of the generation, and I agree with him. We used to be friends with him. Then, however, somehow lost: everyone has their own projects. With actresses in recent times avoid communication.

Because a few years ago you met an actress?

Not only therefore. I realized that this is not my type of women. Often, the actress - heavy people. Perhaps there are those who retain some feminine qualities in dealing with a man, but more often they tend to constant competition.

You used to be compared to Ryan Gosling all the time, and now, too ... Irritating?

Well no. I am ironic about this topic.He is considered the best actor of his generation. I watched almost all of his films. And not because we are like him, but because there are really worthy pictures, sometimes little-known ones, such as art-house works. Gosling has a lot to learn.

Do you have any idols?

There are actors I follow. Already fifteen years watching Anthony Hopkins. I also like Tom Hardy. Of the Russians, one time he sympathized with Makovetsky. Serebryakov, Madyanov. Well, those ... who works in detail, lives, depicts nothing, does not try to just earn money and score for everything. And of course, Khabensky. Very serious artist. It seems to me that he is the best artist in Russia at the moment.

You work very hard. And if there is free time, then what is it spending?

Fishing. Already nine years, as I take a great interest in it. I also built a garage in Moscow. Engaged in carpentry craft. Also drawing. I write music, I have several rock albums, I read rapchik. In short, I rest in the works or alone with nature. No bars and clubs. I can not meet there.

So you can be seen somewhere fishing in the suburbs?

Well, or on the road, on my bike, or in the gym.

What is happening at the moment in your personal life?

I'm not married. Serious relationship ended a couple of years ago. And for now I’m cognizing myself and looking for answers to questions, eliminating flaws that are present in every person. I began to see problems not in other people, but in myself. It's nobody's fault. The following relationship must be through ...

What lessons have you learned from the past of the novel?

No need to whine and lose heart. Need to take and do.

Who are you on the sign of the zodiac, the description is the same?

I'm Capricorn. Yes, much like. After thirty-five began to notice ...

Surely you are terribly hardworking, stubborn?

These leadership qualities are present.

Can you call yourself a generous person? Do you think girls should give diamonds with or without an engagement?

Fortunately, I have not met the ladies who love diamonds. On the contrary, they said it was nonsense. But I am absolutely generous in terms of gifts, because I prefer to accumulate memories rather than finances.

If you put your personal life or career on the scales now, what will you choose?

Work, because the relationship is not yet ready. And all this will collapse again, if there is no stability.

So this is another reason why the union broke up?

Well, women are essentially treacherous. Not everyone wants to be the wife of the Decembrist ...

Or wait ...

Well, why, if there’s an instagram before my eyes ... “Marina is doing well, Nadia is too. Why should I be bad? ”

Is there a dream role?

I used to want to play Woland when he was 30–35 years old. Why Woland could not be outwardly young, but inside the eternal? And then somehow distanced himself from this desire. And now they are already offering roles that I like. These are such hermit heroes, strong in spirit, principled, courageous. But with the scenarios in Russia are big problems. When my friends or strangers watch pictures with my participation, they sometimes write on instagram: “The film is shit, of course, but you remember it.” As Yepifantsev said: “In Russia, they don’t make films very much, so I am shooting everywhere”.

Indeed, there is a tendency that foreign paintings are more quoted in our country ...

And it is true. So while we deserve it.

By the way, about instagram, do you often write negative comments or is it all within the bounds of decency?

There is nothing bad. All is well.

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What is now not enough for complete happiness?

Hmm ... I think that the soul mate of the opposite sex, because one wise director told me that the most important thing is to find exactly that. Such a banal thing, but if you find it, you will be infinitely rich.

Why are you afraid?

I want to be strong always, even if there are any problems in work or love. I mean physical health. It is terrible that not enough power. Just after thirty people have a back, they have legs. And before all were immortal.

There are principles that never fail?

There are a lot of them. But there are some basic things, for example, I will not spend time with someone for something ...

For the role, for example?

Well yes. Rather, leave, so as not to arrange a slaughter.

Any such suggestions?

Yes. They said that we would arrange everything in one moment, and you would have everything like different famous artists.

And what's the price?

I can not talk about this. Probably my attitude went from the yard. Thank God, that grew during not the Internet, but sticks and nettles. We played wrestling in the yard, and when it came from the guys who were stronger, you still asked to repeat it again, just not to lose ... Since then, the desire to achieve something came into being.And it is more expensive than the money that you get for the project or advertising.

Who is your closest circle now?

We have our own film company with friends. The director, scriptwriter, producer are people with whom he has known for more than 15 years. The film “All or Nothing,” directed by Dmitry Suvorov, which we presented at the Kinotavr, has already been released. There is an incredibly cool composition: I, Kirill Kaganovich, Roman Madyanov, Yuri Stoyanov - the eldest (and younger), Arthur Smolyaninov. Painting in the style of Guy Ritchie and Quentin Tarantino. In the center of the plot are three friends who decided to improve their lives, having learned that their boss was laundering money selling a fake cancer cure. They decide to sort it out. The premiere is in December.

Share your next plans?

I will spend three days at the Kinotavr festival. There will be a party on the occasion of our film. Then I immediately fly to Yaroslavl to shoot a project on Channel One with Masha Mashkova and Artem Tkachenko. It will be something in the style of the Bridget Jones Diary. The premiere is in December.