Criteria for choosing a cooker

The cooker is the main appliance in the kitchen, used to prepare a variety of dishes. And in order to put your culinary ideas into practice more pleasant and easier, you need to make the right choice, taking into account several important criteria.

Variety of plates

First you should list the main types of plates:

  1. The gas stove is a classic. This option is more suitable for an apartment. The advantages include significant savings (gas is much cheaper than electricity), fairly rapid and uniform heating, the possibility of full control in the process of cooking and relatively low cost. The disadvantages include the likelihood of an explosion or poisoning due to a gas leak or improper operation. In addition, carbon deposits are formed during use, which is not so easy to remove.
  2. The electric stove works from the power supply network. Since the gas is not used, the risks of fire are significantly reduced, but there is the likelihood of a short circuit.In addition, the cost of electricity consumed will be more expensive than paying for gas. But then, during the operation, combustion products are not formed, and this can be considered a significant advantage. This option is suitable for a house not connected to the main gas pipeline, as well as for giving.
  3. Combined stoves can work on electricity and gas. Modern models differ in the number of electric and gas burners. It can be the same or unequal, and the choice should depend only on your needs and preferences.

Since gas and electric stoves have significant differences and its own minuses and advantages, each type should be considered separately and in detail.


How to choose a good stove? Let's start with gas models, as they remain more popular and popular. The device consists of several parts and can be equipped with additional functions. All the components and useful options will be discussed below.


The hob is the main part of the stove, so when buying it should pay special attention. In the gas stove, such a component is represented by hot plates and grills.You should start with the burners, because they determine the ease of use. The first thing you need to pay attention to is the quantity. The standard version is four pieces.

The second important point is the dimensions of the burners. Most modern plates have different burners, ranging from the smallest to the largest. And it is very convenient, since you can use small dishes, for example, a coffee maker or a ladle, and a bulk one, such as a saucepan or even a bowl (many people cook jam in it).

The third criterion is the material from which the cooking surface is made. Stainless steel is often used, and it has resistance, durability, strength, and resistance to mechanical stress and corrosion. Enamelled steel is also strong and looks much more attractive and aesthetic. Caring for this material is simple, as there is almost no contamination in the enamel. But on it can be formed chipped, strongly spoiling the appearance. Another option is an aluminum alloy, which serves for a long time, does not rust, is quickly and simply cleaned and preserves its qualities for a long time. Modern plates can have a glass or glass-ceramic surface, and it looks stylish and beautiful, easy to operate,but requires careful handling and can be covered with cracks and scratches.

There are models with special burners. For example, they may have unusual shapes. Modern cookers have burners designed for ultra-fast cooking, creating two levels of flame and for a few seconds heating dishes. And there are models with burners for slow heating, having lids that prevent direct fire from reaching the appliance.

Pay attention to the grilles on which the dishes are placed. They can be steel or cast iron. The first ones are lighter and more aesthetic, but carbon deposits can form on them. Cast iron grates have considerable weight, but it will ensure the stability of the structure. In addition, the traces of fire on such material is almost imperceptible.


Oven is in almost every modern stove. And in order to create culinary masterpieces, one should take into account several important points when choosing:

  • Volume. The larger it is, the more voluminous the dishes placed inside can be. But warming up will be slower, and gas consumption is higher.
  • The number of levels. Usually it varies from two to four or five, but it is extremely rare to cook several dishes at the same time.
  • Gas supply.The larger the burning area, the faster the oven will heat up. Also, the speed and uniformity of heating depend on the number and location of the holes through which heat is released.
  • The convection function allows the distribution of heat by means of fans. As a result, the dish is prepared quickly and evenly.
  • Temperature indicator is a useful feature that allows you to monitor and maintain such an indicator.
  • The door must close and open easily and must be airtight.

Additional functions

Many modern plates are equipped with additional features. Thus, the control of the gas will avoid an explosion, since the flow will be stopped when the flame goes out. A plate with electric firing can be turned on without a match with one touch of a button. An oven light feature is also available to help assess the readiness of a dish without opening the door. Another useful option is a lock that prevents any child from attempting to ignite the gas. A timer will help avoid burning.

Tip: Pay attention to management. Most modern stoves suggest minimizing the risks of flame extinction.This is achieved due to the fact that the handle first turns to the stop, and then the rotation is carried out from this position.

Electric cookers

Modern electric stoves are also different, so it is worth considering the most important selection criteria.


The hob can consist of cast-iron hotplates, “pancakes,” or it can be a single glass-ceramic surface. The hotplates heat up quickly but cool down slowly. In addition, they can contaminate dishes. The glass-ceramic surface looks modern and aesthetically pleasing, and due to its optimal thermal conductivity, it keeps the temperature above the heating element, but remains almost cold in other parts of the stove, which reduces the risk of burns. But the glass can scratch and crack.

Electric hotplates are divided into the following types:

  • Rings with spiral-like heaters heat up in about 15-30 seconds.
  • Automatic burners reduce power on their own after boiling water.
  • The hotplates are heated to the maximum in a short period of time.
  • Radial burners for high-speed heating increase the temperature in seconds.
  • Halogen burners reach the desired temperature in just a second and stop heating immediately after switching off.
  • Two-contour burners are intended for dishes that have unusual shapes.


Control can be mechanical, carried out by turning levers, or electronic. And modern models allow not only to set and maintain the temperature, but also to optimize the cooking process, which is achieved using a timer, as well as thanks to several different modes and programs.


Finally, some useful tips:

  • Pay attention to the equipment, which may include additional details. For example, some models are equipped with covers. Such a component can be useful, because it will protect the area behind the appliance from pollution, as well as avoid dusting of the hob if it is not used for a long time. The cover can be glass, and such material is aesthetic and easy to operate. But the glass can be covered with scratches and cracks, as well as break when rough use. Another useful addition is the compartment under the oven.
  • It is worth paying attention to the dimensions of the appliance, which are determined by taking into account the kitchen area, as well as the features of the equipment and furniture in the room. Height is usually 85 centimeters. The average depth is 60 cm. Width varies from 50 to 70-80 cm.
  • If there is a catastrophic lack of space, then the compact embedded recessed plate, which is mounted close to the wall and becomes an integral part of the working area, will be the optimal solution. Such models do not occupy free space and do not stand out against the general background.
  • It is worth paying attention to the design and color of the stove, because it must fit organically into the interior of the kitchen.

Go to the store to buy the best cooker! The knowledge gained will help you with this.

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