Crochet fabulously beautiful napkins - schemes with a description

For experienced needlewomen it will not be difficult to tie a chic and fabulously beautiful napkin with a hook according to the finished pattern. Beginners can only envy, leaning over the next simple product. However, master classes with step-by-step photos will help novice craftsmen to master complex ways of knitting. Thanks to the step-by-step instructions with a detailed description, any hostess will be able to create coziness in her home by decorating it with handmade napkins. The main thing is to have patience and set aside time.

On a note! Modern methods of knitting allow you to create unique and very beautiful things yourself. In particular, crocheted napkins can be created according to classical motifs or presented in an unusual version.

Types of knitted napkins

At present, the range of ready-made napkins is impressive. However, as before, handmade products are much appreciated.

There are the following types of napkins crocheted:

  • dense and free knitting;
  • round, square, oval, rectangular or other shape;
  • large, medium, small;
  • fluffy (air), flat;
  • monophonic, multi-colored (with a specific pattern or pattern).

For crocheting napkins, you can use absolutely any color of yarn: red, white or several at once. Its appearance also depends on the purpose of the product and personal preferences. You can knit napkins crocheted cotton, toffee and even wool. The size of the hook is selected depending on the thickness of the thread.

On a note! Knit napkins can be not only crocheted, but also knitting. However, the first method of mating is more popular in the manufacture of this type of products.

Simple crochet knitting patterns

Below are simple diagrams with which you can crochet beautiful napkins.



How to tie a crochet openwork napkin

Knitting napkins crochet happy to do not only experienced needlewomen, but also beginners. This is a fascinating process from which it is difficult to break away, especially after seeing the result of your own work. It should be noted that simple, beautiful and unusual napkins crocheted with their own hands are not just a decoration of the house,but also the best option for a gift for a long memory.

The following patterns will help you to crochet a very beautiful round openwork napkin on the table.

Materials and tools

To knit a round openwork cloth with a hook according to this pattern, you will need:

  • pink yarn (mercerized cotton);
  • hook number 0.9.

Step-by-step master class

Step-by-step instructions with a detailed description in Russian will help to cope with knitting an original crocheted lace napkin:

  1. It begins knitting wipes with amigurumi rings, consisting of 12 columns without nakida (sbn). Needlewomen with experience do not have to explain what it is. Beginners will be able to see all the details in the photo. In fact, there is nothing difficult in the amigurumi ring. First you need to wrap the thread around your fingers twice, define the initial loop and knit 12 kn. Pull the ring to minimize the hole in the center, and then close it by connecting the first and last loop.

  2. 1 row. So, knit the first row of crocheted napkins. Dial 6 air loops, knit 1 column with two nakida, 2 air loops. Repeat 10 times. Then make a column with two naquids and 1 double crochet (ssn).Further knitting will be carried out in 4 loop of the six dialed.

  3. 2 row. Make 4 air hinges and connect them with the arched in the previous row, using 1 sb. So you need to repeat 11 times. The last arch (12th): 2 air loops, 1 ssn into the initial arch, made at the beginning of the row.

  4. 3 row. Make 10 air loops, then tie them into the center of the arch, consisting of 4 air loops, using a column with two tops. After that, you need to dial 3 air loops, tie 1 ssn, dial 5 air loops and perform 1 ssn. Complete row 1 with an air loop and 1 ssn.

  5. 4 row. To tie the 4 rows of napkins, you need to dial 13 air loops and tie 1 ssn. The result was an arc of 3 air loops. Need to make 10 air loops. Repeat 11 times. At the end, perform 5 air loops, 2 pillars with two covers and 3 air loops.

  6. 5 row. 3 air loops and 1 ssn. Then in the next arc, perform 1 sec. In the same arc, make 11 ssn and 2 more ssn, but with a common peak. This composition is repeated 11 times. At the end of the row should knit 1 sbn, made in 3 air loops. Thus, the series closes.

  7. 6 row. First you need to collect 10 air loops in the fifth column, which is located below the arch. After that, make 7 air loops, 1 ssn. Next, knit in the 9th and 11th column of the arch the same combination.Complete the row with 2 air loops and 1 column with three crochets.

  8. 7 row. Make 3 lifting loops, 4 ssn in the arch, 5 air loops, 1 sbn grab the arch. Then perform picot, consisting of 4 air loops in the same column. Further on 5 air loops and 1 ssn. Repeat 11 times, and at the end make 5 air loops, 1 sbn, grab the arch, make a pico of their 4 air loops, connect ssn to 3 air loops made at the beginning of the row.

  9. 8 row. Dial 3 lift air loops, make 2 ssn in one loop, then knit 1 ssn and 2 ssn in one loop. Next, perform 1 ssn. Repeat the pattern 11 times. Complete a series of 11 air loops, which are connected to 3 air loops 1 ssn.

  10. 9-11 series. It is matched in a similar way to the 8 series, but it is important to make increments. How to do this in practice, you can understand by reading the pictures below.

  11. 12 row. Continuing lace knitting. Run 12 row should be as follows: 3 air loops, 4 ssn, 3 air loops, 5 ssn. Repeat 11 times the combination of 11 air loops, 5 ssn, 3 air loops, 5 ssn. Complete row 1 sbn by connecting it to the third air loop, which was originally made.

  12. 13 row. Make 3 lift air loops, 3 ssn, 4 air loops, 4 ssn, 5 air loops, 1 sbn picks up the lower arc. This combination must be repeated 11 times.

  13. 14–25 rows. This part of the napkin is one of the most difficult. How to knit it correctly is shown in step-by-step photos below.

The result was a large round openwork napkin, crocheted. In principle, it is possible to stop on the 13th row, having performed a beautiful binding of contours on the final 14th row. But in this case, the product will have a smaller diameter.

New 2018

To date, you can find a huge number of ready-made simple and complex new patterns with decryption for knitting napkins and long tablecloths on the table crocheted. They can be downloaded for free to your computer.

In the photo below are awesome crocheted napkins that are new in 2018.