Dear Grandfather Frost: what are the children of the stars asking him for?

The most popular destination in December is the host of the New Year. Millions of boys and girls write him letters. Children of the stars, of course, are no exception. What desires do they make?

Stas Mikhailov, singer (daughters Ivanna - 7 years old and Masha - 4 years old):

- New Year is such a bright, clean holiday. I always waited and look forward to it. I associate it with a new stage in my life. As an update of the body, restart. He repented for some of his mistakes, asked not to repeat them in the future, and, based on the help of God and his forces, from January 1, start a new life. I have always been like this. On this night, I wish myself to become more loyal and less quick-tempered in relation to relatives. Because when something in my opinion happens, everyone suffers. I have more patience, reason.

Photo: Andrey Fedechko

And as a child, my brother and I wrote letters to Santa Claus and asked for everything that ordinary boys dream about. I had an artificial guitar, my brother had a helicopter.Dad brought some pistols with a holster, cars. My brother and I also ran, kolyadov, and in the evening, of course, a feast. Mom made herring, Olivier, chops, chicken - everything is traditional. But the main thing is that the whole family gathered at the table. I want our children to adopt this good tradition. There are not many holidays left in which we can get together with friends, relatives, rejoice, sincerely congratulate each other. All the time passes in vanity. Therefore, I love so much that on the eve of the New Year there will be a lot of guests in our house, that a good table will be laid, everything is festively decorated. And on the very festive night I, unfortunately, will work, I have three concerts. Santa Claus will come home instead of me and give her daughters presents. They are now at such a wonderful age, when they still believe in miracles. In this sense, they are cleaner than us, because they live at the call of the heart, and we - according to circumstances. Unfortunately, over the years this wonderful children's spontaneity is leveled, we begin to be skeptical about everything. So I want my children to remain in this blissful ignorance as long as possible.

What did they write to Santa Claus? Ivanka plane asked.Yeah, she was probably joking. "Pet Shop" - I confess, I do not know what it is. The kids are so advanced now. If at the moment this is what will make her happy, then of course I will fulfill her wishes, like Grandfather Frost. Thank God, daughters are still asking for gifts for dad.

Masha, I have a bomb. I also asked for some toys, but, most importantly, at the end I attributed: “I promise to obey everyone”. She asks me all the time: "Dad, am I behaving well?" I say: "Yes, daughter." Since she is the smallest, she is always forgiven. In general, the tutor of me is weak, I rarely see daughters, that I want to be a holiday for them, and not a tutor. It seems that they grow quite adequate, and so far they are at such an age that they don’t give me any difficulties. Perhaps, Inna's wife has a completely different version.

Ivanka Mikhailova
Photo: personal archive family Mikhailov
Masha Mikhailova
Photo: personal archive family Mikhailov

Inna Mikhailova:

- Our daughters are cultured, educated, smart, yes the best! At seven, Ivanka would have to study in the first grade, and go to the second grade. And by the way, an excellent student. Masha seriously thinks that she also goes to a real school.Because we took it to the creative studio on September 1. So she is important, she considers herself on a par with Ivanka. We are dying of laughing at her. But she is a great clever. During this year, I learned a lot: draws, tries to write, knows the whole alphabet and already has a lot of English words.

Therefore, of course, they will receive everything that the girls have asked for, and even more. The plane Ivanka was not really meant, but a toy one, some kind of thematic one with passengers. And bracelets "Pandora" for her is generally the most luxurious gift she could only dream of. She is a modest girl, she will not ask for anything again. Masha, on the contrary, is straightforward, humorous. She promised not to offend anyone in the new year. She is so sharp. My daughter does not offend anyone. With the sister they are inseparable, without each other can not. And the elders love. Love reigns in our house.