Decorative plaster: stylish ideas - excellent result

Decorative plaster always looks spectacular and attractive. A few decades ago, it was used primarily to decorate walls. Today, you can find a variety of options for the use of a solidifying mixture, easily amenable to modeling and painting. Ideas for creativity as much as necessary. The main thing is to stock up on suitable material and have the desire to create unique things. Elegant bouquets, candlesticks, openwork items, medallions with mosaic fragments are not all that you can make yourself, armed with decorative plaster. It can cover various surfaces: from burlap or lace to wood and stone. Use for the creation of ready-made mixtures based on clay or gypsum. Preparing the solution yourself, using sand and quicklime, is also easy.

To create figured crafts, you can use not only special molds for casting, but also all kinds of corrugated containers.

Having given the product the desired shape, it is important to allow it to completely harden.

If necessary, finished crafts can be painted in different colors.

Add mono dye to the mixture also at the breeding stage.

In fact, there are more ideas for creating decorative plaster products. Everything in this case is limited solely by the flight of fantasy and the desire to create.