Decoupage bottles: holiday ideas

Decoupage bottles: holiday ideasDecorate glass bottles on your table especially for a holiday or make an unusual gift for the New Year: you can decorate a full, unopened bottle.


For this you will need:


  • bottle;
  • acetone or other degreasing agent;
  • soap and water;
  • cotton wool or cotton pads;
  • acrylic primer;
  • Acrylic paint for the background (any color, but best of all - light);
  • sponge;
  • material for decoupage (special prints or just napkins with New Year’s drawings. A good option is several small identical images from which you can make an ornament that girdles a bottle - for example, a row of small Christmas trees);
  • PVA glue;
  • Brush (wide, soft);
  • varnish for fastening;
  • decorations.


First, thoroughly wash the bottle and remove all paper elements and foil - tear off the label, excise stamp, cap from the cork, if it is champagne. There should not be a piece of glue. Then degrease the entire surface of the glass with acetone - after that try to keep the bottle only at the bottom and at the very top of the neck, a touch can ruin the cleaning of the glass. Prime the entire bottle, trying to apply the primer as evenly as possible.Then color the selected color.


Prepare the material for decoupage - a napkin or a special print. If you chose a napkin - and this is the easiest and most affordable way, especially if you take into account the variety of New Year's and Christmas sets of napkins with luxurious pictures - cut out the image close to the border of the image, carefully separate the top layer, spread with glue and paste to the chosen place on the bottle. Smooth gently with a sponge and apply a fixing varnish.


After it has dried (usually it takes about half an hour), apply a second layer - and the main stage of decoupage will be completed. It remains only to decorate the bottle.


Decoupage bottles: holiday ideas


The category of "decoration" is very broad. Decorating a bottle with a decoupage pattern can be, in fact, anything - from completely traditional methods (for example, apply the effect of craquelure) before adding to the bottle itself three-dimensional decorative elements like the coated strip of fabric. The simplest variant here, of course, is rhinestones or any convex small symmetrical objects, such as pieces of colored plastic "under smalt" of any color.


Decoupage bottles: holiday ideas


If you have chosen a picture with a strictly winter, New Year's theme, then such small pieces can be pasted on the bottle on top - but before applying lacquer - to imitate snow, toys on the Christmas tree, glitter on a candle or garland, and so on. To make craquelure cracks, - with them the bottle looks old and very "homely", - you will need a special tool - craquelure varnish. There are several types of it, it is better to take one that creates cracks in two stages; accordingly, and paint for grouting (that cracks were appreciable) is required also.


Decoupage bottles: holiday ideas


Take should be either dry paint, or oily, but never - on a water basis. Do not think also that the color of this paint is not important. No matter how small the cracks are, their mesh will create a well-marked shade, so at least choose a color type that matches the general idea and background paint - cold or warm. But, in any case, it should be of a dark or saturated color.


You can use several colors, thickly smearing one over the other, this will make the cracks look more natural. After you have applied the first coat of fixing varnish, apply craquelure varnish and wait as much time as indicated on the package - the varnish will have to crack.Then simply cover the entire bottle with a paint for grouting, and then erase it, with an effort "wiping" at the same time from the surface - the paint will clog in the cracks, they will be visible.