Device: what is it?

Sergey Nikolaev
Sergey Nikolaev
March 18, 2015
Device: what is it?

A device (from the English device, a device, a device, an apparatus) is another newfangled foreign word, which refers to technical means and devices made by man and designed to perform one or several functions. And if we consider that in Russian the word device corresponds to several synonyms at once, then in our technically advanced world there are a lot of different devices around us, although more often, of course, this word is called modern devices. Consider what they are, what they are for and how they can be used.

The fruits of science and technology

Virtually any device as the fruit of scientific and technological progress is designed to make a person's life easier, bring additional conveniences to it, save time and, finally, give pleasure. Therefore, most often under the device mean the most advanced complex and multifunctional devices - computers, tablets, smartphones, laptops and others. More information about some of them can be found in the articles What is a netbook and What is a communicator.All these devices are used for communication, information sharing, viewing and creating video and audio data, games and many other purposes.

From device to gadget

However, sometimes small devices, for example, mobile phones are called gadgets. Although the gadget is rather a small, but high-tech device that improves or complements the work of a more complex device, such as a flash drive or GPS unit. If we approach the definition strictly, the same smartphone can be connected to a computer, and a smart watch can be connected to a smartphone. Therefore, for convenience, some small devices are called gadgets and consider these words as synonyms. Read more about gadgets in the article What is a widget.

On the other hand, some gaming devices and consoles, in particular joysticks, pistols, steering wheels, which are designed exclusively for connecting to other devices, are often called devices for gamers.

Kitchen devices

Many young advanced housewives do not want to lag behind their husbands and equip the kitchen with the latest technology, calling food processors, hobs, ovens, microwaves, mixers, coffee grinders and even refrigerators with devices.And they have the right to this, because most of these devices are stuffed with electronics to the fullest extent, up to the possibility of accessing the Internet.

Made not in Russia

Thus, in principle, the English word device can be called almost any technical device. But if it is outdated or has too simple functionality, then it is often referred to as an instrument or a device, and high-tech multifunctional things are often called devices. And, perhaps, the English word is also used because all these devices in the absolute majority are not made in Russia.