Diana Kruger has been criticized for body-styling

Almost immediately after Kim Kardashian managed to criticize for promoting anorexia, another star, Diane Kruger, was condemned. The actress did not appreciate her sense of humor when she uploaded a picture from her popular account @lookatthisrussian ("Look at these Russians") on your Instagram page.

“Thank you for your congratulations on your birthday! This is how I feel now after all the pieces of the holiday cake eaten, ”Diana signed a photo in which a man lies on the grass and is clearly pleased with life.

Alas, the actress immediately fell down a lot of negative comments, and someone even managed to accuse her of racism. “Ugh, how rude! Why are you kidding the Russians and their country in this way? And why use a photo of fat people to laugh? You should be ashamed, ”angered users commented on the Diana snapshot.