Diet with high cholesterol

Cholesterol is an organic compound, a natural fatty alcohol, contained in the cell membranes of living organisms. That is, cholesterol is found in animal products, a diet with high cholesterol should be based on this.

Cholesterol is not dangerous by itself, but over time or with improper diet, it can accumulate in the body. The danger of elevated cholesterol is that it accumulates on the walls of blood vessels and can lead to blockages. Approximately on the same principle, water pipes are clogged, but in the case of vessels, the result can be very dangerous for a person, he can bring to hypertension, or even to stroke and heart attack.

Will help prevent high blood cholesterol physical activity and a special cholesterol diet.

Hazardous products

Diet with elevated cholesterol is strict enough. The high cholesterol diet menu also presents not only a list of recommended foods, but also a list ofwhat is not worth it.

  • Should exclude foods that are high in animal fat (butter, pork, lard). As well as mayonnaise, fat cottage cheese, flour (from wheat flour of the highest grade) and sweets (cakes with butter cream, puddings and sweets), creamy ice cream, shrimps and squid.
  • Limit, but do not exclude the need for eggs, because even though they are a source of cholesterol, but at the same time, they have substances that remove cholesterol from the body. Butter also has similar properties, they should not be abused, but you should definitely eat a few butter sandwiches a week. Cholesterol contained in dairy products is very quickly absorbed and enters the bloodstream, but low-fat dairy products are less dangerous (cottage cheese, milk, sour cream, cheeses).

Healthy foods

Diet with high cholesterol also involves the use of special products that help get rid of cholesterol.

Let's talk about what a diet with high cholesterol will be useful and correct. Products that not only contain the minimum amount of cholesterol, but also help to remove cholesterol from the body, will be as follows:

  • Fish - especially tuna, haddock, flounder and cod. These types of fish can be eaten without any restrictions, as they contain substances that contribute to the elimination of cholesterol. Sprats, salmon and mackerel are also available, but in limited quantities.
  • Chicken and turkey - they are a dietary lean meat and practically do not contain cholesterol. You can also lean veal or lamb and rabbit meat. In such types of meat as duck, goose, pork and fatty beef cholesterol contains a lot. Meat and fish are best steamed, boiled or roasted or grilled without oil. With the bird you need to remove the skin, as it is the most oily and harmful part.
  • Vegetables, fruits, berries and greens. Very useful for lowering cholesterol are grapefruit, black currant, eggplant and turnip, as well as cucumbers, zucchini and pumpkin. Butter is better to replace vegetable. It is important to know that cholesterol is not contained in vegetable oil, so the advertisements “does not contain cholesterol” actually do not mean that this oil differs in this property from others.
  • Soups - in this case we are not talking about fat pork borsch, but about vegetable and vegetarian soups on a low-fat broth, chicken soup is also possible.
  • Dried fruits and nuts - suitable as a substitute for sweets.
  • Porridge from ordinary cereals, it is best to cook in water without oil, and add fruits, berries, dried fruits or nuts for taste.
  • Bread and biscuits - it is better to choose from wholemeal flour, whole grains, and bread - black or bran.

Now you know what a diet is like with elevated levels of cholesterol in the blood. Follow these tips, eat right and stay healthy!