Do-It-Yourself Preserve Mirror

The mirror has always been the subject of magical acts. It is believed that the mirror amulet protects its owner from the evil eye.

Prepare the bark for work. Separate it with a knife or scalpel. The layer of birch bark should be about one millimeter thick. Cut out all three pieces of the amulet from it.

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Then you need a half punch with a diameter of 2 mm and a hammer. Put all three parts on each other, fasten with clips so that they do not move, and punch a punch along the edges of the hole for the amulet's winding.

Take the upper part of the amulet and use a punch to make semicircular festoons in the middle for decoration.

Now, from a thin layer of birch bark about 0.5 mm thick, cut a long strip to wind the amulet. Its width is about 3mm.

When all the preparatory operations are completed, proceed to the assembly of the amulet.

Take the bottom part and place the middle one on it. Insert a mirror in its hole. Put the top of the amulet on top. Secure it all with two clips from opposite sides to lock the holes. Braid the amulet as shown in the picture. Hide the tips of the strips between the layers of the amulet. You can slightly glue them.

At the end of the work, hang the charm as a central bead on the beads.