Does Homeopathy Help Pregnancy?

If a woman does not have an increased sensitivity to the individual components of homeopathic medicines and there are no allergic reactions to them, then such treatment will benefit her. It will heal a woman before the onset of pregnancy, as it aims to eliminate various types of infertility and increase the ability to conceive a child (fertility). Active ingredients are not addictive due to the insignificance of their doses, they are absolutely harmless to a woman and her unborn child, because homeopathic preparations do not contain synthetic chemical compounds.


Why is homeopathy more effective?

Preparations and their dosage are prescribed by a homeopath, depending on the reasons that make it impossible to get pregnant. For example, it is very difficult to conceive a child to a woman diagnosed with uterine fibroids, for the treatment of which hormonal preparations are used in medicine.


Homeopathy will use vitamin therapy, acupuncture and physiotherapy, because scientifically proven that most patients develop fibroids on an absolutely normal hormonal background, and the disease itself can be attributed to psychosomatic. A woman with uterine fibroids is prone to outbursts of aggression and anger, feels a desire to prove the importance of her work for society and the need for approval of her actions by others. This entails the response of the body - chronic psychogenic stress, which, in combination with myoma, prevents her from becoming pregnant. Homeopathy will restore the harmony disturbed between the mind and the body, because its goal is to treat not a diseased organ, but a person, after which a pregnancy will occur.

If menstruation is not regular, the allocation is uneven (it is a lot, then a little), it is difficult to calculate the day of ovulation and get pregnant. As a result of taking homeopathic medicines, the cycle is stabilized, the overall emotional and physical health will improve, which means that in three to four months you can plan for conception.


What homeopathic medicines contribute to pregnancy?

Most often, pregnancy is prescribed for sepia (Sepia), pulsatilla (Pulsatilla), gold hydrochloric acid (Aurum muriaticum natronatum), witch-hazel (Hamamelis virginica), potassium carbonate (Kalium carbonicum), Canadian yellowstone (Hydrastis Canadensis). These drugs are usually taken in the complex in a strictly prescribed by the doctor mode and doses.


Usually, it is necessary to take homeopathic medicines 1-3 times a day for one or several granules, three days in a row to track the dynamics, and if it is positive, the treatment can be continued before the onset of pregnancy, as well as during it, but using a different scheme . Homeopathy is especially effective if a woman is regularly observed by a specialist, who, if necessary, will adjust her medication.