"Dovlatov" in the movie: fascinating facts about the writer, who has become a modern legend

On March 1, Alexei German Jr.’s “Dovlatov” tape started at the Russian box office, which just in a couple of days managed to become the highest grossing in the director’s career. So what do you need to know about the film and the writer who has become a modern legend?


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Cold Petersburg. 70s. A few days left before the emigration of Dovlatov's friend, Joseph Brodsky, who in a decade will become the Nobel Prize winner. Writers fall into the cycle of events that will demonstrate to the viewer the spirit of the era, marked by the end of the "thaw" and the new round of "freezing."

By the way, this is not the first film about Dovlatov. In 2015, Stanislav Govorukhin’s black and white ribbon came out with the symbolic title “The End of a Beautiful Era”, like the poem of the same name by Brodsky.However, the picture was less biographical and was based on the collection of stories "Compromise", which Dovlatov wrote while working as a correspondent in the newspaper of Tallinn.

But the new “Dovlatov” will go down in history as the first film, in which the main role was played by an actor, really similar to Sergey. This Serb is Milan Marich. It is worth noting that Svetlana Khodchenkova also appeared in the cast, who moved to “Dovlatov” from “The End of the Beautiful Era” and again identified the romantic storyline.

What should I read from Dovlatov in order to better feel his work on the eve of watching the movie? Ideally, that's all. But especially we will single out his best works by periods.

To begin with, this is the story "The Zone", based on his work as a colony overseer for criminals. Then, the previously mentioned “Compromise” about life and “freedom of choice” in Soviet Estonia. Then came the “Reserve”, written by Dovlatov in the Pushkin Mountains on the eve of emigration. A separate pleasure is the collection “Ours” about the history of the Dovlatov family, which is closely intertwined with the events of the twentieth century. "Foreigner" will tell about the life of Russians in America.And for dessert, we will recommend “Suitcase” - sentimental memories of life's baggage, which always seems huge, but in fact easily fits in a bag and survives its age in the closet.


Photo source: commons.wikimedia.org

In St. Petersburg, Dovlatov is especially loved. In the morning you pass by trolleybus at number 6 past the park of the Forestry Academy and remember that 50 years ago in the mornings Uncle Dovlatov liked to have a morning jog in it. The one who said “In a healthy body is a healthy mind,” and then went crazy. About this writer tells in the collection "Our". Get off at the station "Lomonosovskaya" - oh yeah, that station, during the opening of which Dovlatov stole the boots of the mayor from under the table.

More recently, in St. Petersburg, and at all arrange a festival of the writer called "D-Day". The program, as a rule, literary readings of famous authors, contemporaries of Dovlatov, exhibitions, theatrical performances. Even a parade of Fox Terriers and many, many events on Rubinstein, which became a kind of pilgrimage site.

It would seem, because of what such hype? Prizes were not given to him, and even during his life they did not want to print - except abroad, and even then reluctantly.But only those who are not familiar with Dovlatov think so. And this, “abanamath”, is a big omission.