Dream Interpretation: What does it mean to see a dog in a dream?

We all know the truism that the dog is a friend of man. But is this true when it comes to dreams? Or in night dreams, the image of such an animal does not bode well? To determine the interpretations, it is worth reading the values ​​in different dream books. But it is worth being prepared for the fact that they often provide a radically different interpretation of what they see. Do not worry about this. Just trust your intuition and listen to the interpreter that you think is the most authoritative.

But the Assyrian dream book

To meet a dog on the way is a good symbol, which promises health, well-being and wealth not only to the dreamer himself, but to his whole family.

Himself to turn into a dog - to the suffering and misery. Grief threatens the whole dream family. But this is not an insulting misunderstanding, but a punishment for bad deeds. Moreover, the worse the atrocities, the stronger will be the retribution.

According to the dream book of Medea

If you interpret a dream with a dog according to the dream book of Medea, then it is worth being alerted, since this is a bad sign. It is ambiguous and may be associated with the most opposite values:

  • friendly attitude;
  • aggression;
  • addiction;
  • unhealthy attachment to a particular person.

It seems that the dog bites, it means quick troubles, scandals and strife. Often, a similar dream has a literal meaning and warns against diseases associated with the bite site.

Sleeping dog - a symbol of unpredictability. The situation around you will be quite tense. Staying in limbo is very unpleasant. Try to prioritize, and then everything will fall into place.

To see a black dog - to the betrayal of friends. Dreamed of a white dog - to well-being and happiness. Friendly doggie seems to be supported by friends in all your endeavors.

According to the Eastern Dream Book

You can interpret what to see in a dream for a dog according to an Eastern dream book. It is worth making a reservation right away: this image is many-sided. The specific interpretation depends on the context. This is what a dream like this might mean:

  1. Hearing in a dream the growl of the dog behind his back - to the disappointment. Someone is plotting intrigue against you and trying to plant. Moreover, this ill-wisher is doing well.
  2. Attacking a big dog - to the machinations of enemies.
  3. Black dog or barking at you - sleep means failure and resentment. The dream judges frustration and tears. Everything will turn out to be different from what you planned and painted in your dreams.
  4. Light dog running close - the personification of loyal friends and reliable allies.

According to the Egyptian dream book

To dream of a dog that bit you is a bad omen. The image is a warning that someone wants to bring discord into your life through witchcraft and satanic intervention.

According to the dream book Hasse

If you decide to interpret sleep with a dog to use Hasse's dream book, then you need to remember all the details seen in the night. It is from trifles depends on the specific value of the image. See how you play with the animal - to the joy and good news. White dog - to an interesting acquaintance, which you will be remembered only from the positive side. Just to see a dog - to get acquainted with a good or helpful person. The beast runs away - to serious health problems. Bitten doggy - to a quarrel about money. Hear the dog barking in a dream - to big trouble.

A black dog is dreaming of a friendly betrayal or scuffle.Hunting - to good excitement and light experiences. Keep the dog on a leash - to enemies and detractors who will build machinations. A gnawing pack - to a grand scandal inside the family circle.

According to the dream book of Lofa

Interpreting what a dog dreams about in a dream is easy on Lofa's dream book. He belongs to the category of one of the most reputable. Such dreams have ambiguous meaning. They can be interpreted as something beautiful and bright. But while such images can be negative.

In any case, to dream of such an animal means, in a certain sense, to interact with either enemies or friends. Dreaming of a wild dog means you are trying to resolve a very complex and long-standing conflict on your own. You are striving to protect yourself from groundless attacks from enemies.

Kind and peaceful dog dreams to establish relationships with friends. There are people near you who can be completely relied upon without any fear. They should be trusted.

On a note! But here's to see the dog races - to disappointment and defeat on the love front. The suitors will scatter in different directions, and, for a long time.

According to Wangi's dream book

If we start from the authoritative dream book of the Bulgarian prophetess, then the dreams connected with dogs can be interpreted in different ways. It all depends on the details of sleep and seen the little things.

The black dog promises bitter disappointment in the one whom you sincerely considered to be your soul mate and ally. At a difficult moment, he will turn away from you, he can betray, tell all your secrets and spoil your reputation.

Homeless dog - a bad symbol. He predicts problems for your friends. But remember that the friend does not turn to you for support and help, because he does not want to shift the responsibility onto your shoulders.

To dream a gigantic dog means to meet a person who will always be a good friend. It is also proposed to interpret this dream as receiving support from old like-minded people.

Note! If in a dream the dog protects you, it means that in reality you are protected by higher powers. You have a very powerful guardian angel, which is why you should not be afraid of serious trouble. All your thoughts are guarded by Heaven. That is why all plans come true.

To feed an animal is a good sign.It means that in reality you are a faithful and devoted friend. You can safely rely on. You are a very serious and responsible person. That is why everyone around you is loved and truly respected.

To dream of a dog that attacks is a bad symbol. This is a harbinger of a speedy collision with people driven by ugly thoughts. Also, this dream can mean the intervention of satanic forces in your life. That is why the existence will be put intolerable. The black stripe is coming, the troubles will follow one after the other.

On a note! To see a dead or wounded dog is a bad omen. Wait for the bad news. They will be associated with the deterioration of well-being or the passing away of a close friend.

If you were able to fight off an attacking aggressive dog in a dream, it means that you will be able to overcome the evil. This can be done through prayer and appeal to God.

White or light dog dreams of good. You can count at any time on the support of loved ones and friends. Also, such dreams can prophesy a close pleasant meeting with an old friend, whom you have not seen for several years.

According to Miller's dream book

Dream Miller gives several of his interpretations dreams, coupled with dogs. Dirty, emaciated dogs foreshadow illnesses and failures. Pedigreed and cute animals personify promises. Young lady such a dream predicts the attention of fans, whose intentions, alas, are frivolous.

Hearing a dog barking in a dream - to the bad news. To see a hunting dog in your own home promises a positive course of all your affairs and the achievement of the intended goals. To see a small dog in a dream and to be frightened of it means resistance to the prevailing circumstances. You will be outraged by what is happening, vulgarity, banality, mediocrity.

Note! But women such dreams predict the emergence of a decent suitor, who later becomes a husband.

An evil dog is dreaming - it means you have to wait for deceit on the part of detractors. Failures are coming. To see oneself as the owner of a purebred dog is to obtain wealth. You will be able to achieve material well-being and high status. Moreover, you will not be obliged to anyone.

A dog bite in a dream promises quarrels and discord.In the near future, communication with the second half, colleagues, business partners will be too tense. Be wary of scandals and quarrels.

Dreamed like a bloodhound follows your trail, an omen that warns you against stupid actions. Fear temptation. Passion can lead to your doom. Affectionate dog dreams for good. Friends will be true, and good luck will follow you on the heels.

A bad sign is an animal with several heads. Such a terrible dog foretells you fatigue and misses in business. The thing is that you are too busy with too many things at the same time. As a result, your life is filled with vanity, which does not bring positive results.

Walking the purebred dog (in particular, to see how it kills the viper) is a nightly picture that promises you only the good. No less kind sign to see how you kill or drive a rabid dog. But if an enraged beast attacks or haunts you, you should be on your guard. Such a dream acts as a warning that it is necessary to collect all will and strength in a fist.

To hear the dog growling behind your back means to receive news of ill-wishers. Someone is digging a hole for you. The hypocrite is very close.

See how the dog grappled with a cat - to failures on the love front.

On a note! But if you spill animals with water - this is a good symbol. In amorous affairs, everything will be favorable for you.

A very good character is associated with a white dog seen in a dream. If he takes care of you, it means that in love and work you expect dizzying victories.