Dreamed a hare in a dream, dream book

The hare is a famous symbol of cowardice. In many dream books, the hare reminds a person of such qualities as fearfulness, shyness, duplicity, and indecision. But there are good interpretations: sometimes such dreams promise luck, happiness and profit.

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Why dream of a hare
Why dream of a hare

English dream book

Hare pursued by dogs from the outside - to danger. But for you everything will end well. Many birds with one stone - you have the happiness to be friends with beautiful and sincere people. If the animal ran straight into your hands, a long-awaited guest will pop up to you. For lovers, such a dream promises a good family life.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

If you see a hare in a dream, in real life you will get very scared of something. If you removed the animal skin, it means that you are in for a difficult stalemate. To breed rabbits in a dream is a happy sign. For young girls, a hare seen in a dream promises a happy marriage. The color of wool also matters: the white hare in a dream symbolizes true friendship, black - grief or resentment.

Dream dream wanderer

People who saw a hare in a dream need to learn how to look at the world soberly. They tend to exaggerate all the dangers and are afraid of everything in the world.

Spring dream book

To see in a dream a little helpless hare is a signal of impending danger. If you ate a hare, in the near future you will unwittingly become an offender for a child.

Ukrainian dream book

The hare often dreams to luck. To catch an animal - to losses, to shoot - fortunately. If there were many animals, you will have a strained relationship with a certain person.

Modern dream book

What a hare dreams about - you are lucky enough to avoid a big danger.

Dreaming longo

A hare in a dream foreshadows you receiving good news about your friends and acquaintances. If in a dream you killed the animal, it means that you know your flaw (cowardice) and are struggling to cope with it. If the hare ran away from you, do not try to undertake serious business. You will fail. Even if you plan everything carefully, the success rate will be zero.

Female dream book

To see a hare in a dream, which is running away from the legs of a dog pack stalking him, says that a quarrel will happen in your family. Only you can achieve a truce or complete peace between family members.If the hare escaped from you in a dream, you will lose a valuable thing. If in a dream you had to shoot the animal, you will not do without tough measures to restore your authority and rights.