Dustin Hoffman, Ben Stiller and Adam Sandler intermarry

The actors presented the film “Stories of the Mayrovitz Family” in Cannes, where relatives played. Adam Sandler admitted that he did not want to agree to the shooting: he was afraid of letting everyone down with his game!

It would seem that can combine the Cannes Film Festival with Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller in one sentence? It turns out, the film, and participating in the main competition. The actors brought to the Cote d'Azur the premiere of “The History of the Mayrovits Family”, where the brothers played. And the role of their father was played by Dustin Hoffman. And with Ben Stiller, they were already in a similar relationship in the movie "Meet the Fockers."

“You know, playing Dustin Hoffman’s son is a very pleasant job,” Stiller laughed. “I expect to do this until I reach the age of Dustin.” I will be his son as long as he allows.

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The picture has already received warm reviews from critics. In particular, they noted that rarely where Adam Sandler played so well and that he is worthy to be in Cannes. And he admitted: “I could not believe that we are creating a project with such a team.Comedians rarely fall out of such opportunities. When I saw the script, first of all I thought: I will try as best I can so as not to let anyone down. ”

By the way, “Mairovits Family Stories” immediately attracted attention not only because of the cast. The fact is that after the festival premiere the cinema will be shown not in cinemas, but on the Netflix Internet channel. The fact that such a project was included in the main competition caused outrage of many critics and journalists. Even the chairman of the jury, Pedro Almodovar, said that while he was still alive, he would fight for the viewer in cinemas. And that you can not watch a movie on the screen, which is smaller than the chair on which you sit.

“I have a very large screen at home,” Hoffman retorted.

He generally spoke little, but very aptly. And when an Argentine journalist at a press conference announced that his name was Hoffman, he immediately responded: “Let me look at your nose.