Hair Tie

A beautiful rubber band for hair is easy to make by yourself. For this, you will need some materials that can be found in any home. List of materials: 1. scissors 2. needle 3. strings (black and white) 4. glue (you can use glue gun or regular superglue) 5. knitted fabric (small flap) 6. flower base (black) 7. fatin (soft) 8. bead 9. hair tie Prepare a circle template with a diameter of 6.0 cm. Using the prepared template, we will cut out five circles from knitted fabric and four circles from tulle. From black nondescript fabric we cut the base for the flower, the diameter of the circle is 5.0 cm.  List of materials
We put a circle from knitted fabric to a triangle, we obtain a petal. Photo 2 Apply glue to the base of the flower and glue a petal. In this way, we glue the four petals.
 Folding the circle
 glue the petal Fold the four circles from the tulip to the triangle,we get a petal and glue knitted on top.
 We fold four circles
Next to the center of the flower, to the top of the tulle petals, paste the last fifth knit petal.
paste the last petal
Straighten the petals.
 Straighten the Lepes weave
 Straighten the petals
Sew a bead to the center of the flower.
 sew a bead
From the seamy side, sew a rubber on the center of the flower.
 sew gum
Result of work.
 hair tie
hair tie