Errors in the design of the bathroom, which trap everyone

Repair is a serious matter, and it is better to approach it after examining all possible failures. It is not easy to arrange a bathroom in order to fit everything you need. Especially a lot of problems appear with the owners of small apartments, in which the bath and toilet are combined. Do not fall for the persuasion of designers or repairmen if they suggest that you apply something from the following to your home.

Total savings

On the one hand, there is no shame in not spending extra money. Choose building materials from the collections for sale or make purchases over the Internet. But to save on quality is not in any case. In addition, do not trust repair work to specialists with low qualifications.

All at once

Do not clutter up the bathroom. Jacuzzi and bidet - it is very convenient, but they are unlikely to find a place in a communal apartment.If it is important for you to leave the sink in the room, think about how to take out the washing machine in the kitchen or hallway. Some designers advise to combine a bathroom with a toilet to add the missing space.

Floor-to-ceiling tiles

Tiled covering seems to be an ideal option for rooms with high humidity, but it has its drawbacks. Such repairs should not be used in small rooms. Use tiles of different colors for the bottom or top, or cover a couple of walls with water-repellent paint.

Not enough bright lighting

Some sets of bathroom furniture include lamps of local character. Do not leave them the only sources of light, refusing ceiling lighting. It is best if there are several lamps in the bathroom, including a light source in the area of ​​the mirror.

Lack of storage space

In an effort to decorate the bathroom in the style of minimalism, many refuse from the boxes for storing cosmetics. As a result, bottles of shampoos and shower gels are forced to huddle at the edges of the bathroom. Household chemicals have to be stored in other rooms, which leads to inconvenience when washing and cleaning. It is better to choose concise lockers of a suitable design.

Improper placement of the cat tray

To keep the door to the toilet better closed, and the matter is not in superstition. Many bacteria that live under the rim of a toilet bowl can travel through the air. It is better to place the pet's toilet in the bathroom or hallway (there are special closed systems), or, at least, to do the cleaning more often.