Experts explained why Duchess Catherine never looks into the cell, and Megan Markle - on the contrary

It seems that the Duchess of Cambridge and Megan Markle will long pursue endless comparisons with each other. Who dresses elegantly? Who favors Queen Elizabeth more? And which of them is better able to communicate with journalists? And in vain, Kate Middleton was afraid that all the attention she had won over the years would go to Prince Harry's bride at once: rather, against the backdrop of Megan, who brought some fresh air to the conservative royal family, she could not help but find herself under a microscope. The other day, the British were interested in this question: they noticed that during public events, Megan always behaved very relaxedly in front of the cameras, never missed an opportunity to show her brand smile and generally feels like a fish in water, while Kate’s glance is rare when it enters the lens.