Fans of Alexander Kerzhakov argue who his son looks like

In the meantime, the baby makes dad happy with new achievements.

Football player Alexander Kerzhakov shared a joyful event with the fans. His youngest son, Artemy, who will be one year old on April 10, no longer only stands on his own feet, but also takes his first steps.

"We went ... 11 months," boasted a pleased father on Instagram.

Photo: @ a.kerzhakov11

Recall, the footballer already has two children from past relationships - 12-year-old daughter Dasha and son Igor, who will turn 5 this month.

Mom of the third child Kerzhakov - Milan Tulpanov, the daughter of Senator Vadim Tyulpanov, who after marriage took the name of her husband. For Milana, Artemy became the firstborn. Born baby in difficult times for Kerzhakov. A few days before the event, Milan lost her father. The young mother suffered from depression for a long time, went to Germany for treatment. Now Milan is engaged in charity work and doesn’t care for her baby.

Photo: @milana_kerzhakova

Meanwhile, Kerzhakov's fans are already arguing about who his third son looks like.Someone thinks that the boy looks like his grandfather - Vadim Tulpanov. Others say that the baby is a copy of mom. However, the majority of votes, as often happens, for the father.

“It is very similar to you! Health to the baby! “It’s time to hit the goal, the new shift is growing up,” subscribers are touched.

So on mom or dad? To put an end to the dispute, we collected children's photos of Milana and Alexander Kerzhakov. See and compare.