Features haircut cascade

A cascade is a haircut that fits many women. When we face a difficult choice of changing hairstyles, we are very afraid to make a mistake. After all, to cut the hair is not long, and to return the former length and beauty is extremely difficult. Therefore, before you decide to change the style you need to think carefully.

The same haircut may look different. It depends on many factors: the condition of the hair, their color, and, of course, from the master who performs the procedure.

Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. A good specialist is obliged to inform you before the procedure of changing the hairstyle. Today we will talk about the haircut of cascades.

Recently, women prefer to have medium-length hair. Too short, in their opinion, do not look so feminine, but with long - too much trouble. Not every modern working woman has free time to spend on braiding. Therefore, it is easier once a month to make a high-quality haircut, which does not require special care.

This is the haircut is a cascade. It is performed on hair of various lengths. Today we will consider an option for medium hair.

This varinat perfectly suits those girls who want to visually increase the volume of hair, make them more light and airy. In addition, the cascade creates a density effect and is perfect for those who have thin ones.

Who is suitable?

Suitable haircut cascade, as owners of straight hair, and wavy. If you have thick and heavy hair, it is better to abandon this option hairstyles. Otherwise, you may get the effect of head on the head.

Most successfully, this version of the haircut looks on the oval and elongated shape of the face. The color does not play a special role.

In most cases, the cascade is performed with bangs. It will be interesting to look a cascade with a very short bang (this option is suitable for courageous girls), if you want to give yourself more mystery, then choose a bang longer.

It looks nice cascade with oblique bangs, in this case, you get double asymmetry.

How is it done?

Like a regular haircut, it is necessary to perform a cascade on well-washed hair. They should be wet and even.The hairdresser should visually determine the center of the head and make two partings. Then highlights the main strand and comb.

Hair on the sides are fixed with special clips. First cut the main strand, and then, depending on its length, adjust all the other hair. The hairstyle is carried out by a direct cut. On both sides of the hair should be the same length, not that one curl was shorter than the other. The main rule in cutting a cascade is the symmetry of the sides with respect to the center.

The master should pay special attention to the hair near the face. And, of course, it is necessary to make a filigree.

How to lay?

The undeniable advantage of this hairstyle is that it does not require much effort in styling. Depending on your mood, you can twist the tips in different directions, you can wind the hair on hair curlers of different diameters.

To make the haircut look more neat, you can even out the hair with an iron. In general, it is enough to wash your hair with a hair dryer after washing your hair.

This version of the hair is a success among the stars. Despite the fact that they can afford to spend time creating hairstyles, celebrities choose simplicity and beauty.

Women of fashion again choose comfort.